Drake Mallard [Darkwing Duck] as Peter Parker

Darkwing Duck [Darkwing Duck] as Spider-Man

The Blue Fairy [Pinnochio] as Mary Jane Watson

Tramp [Lady and the Tramp] as Harry Osborn

Grumpy [Snow White] as Ben Parker

Negaduck [Darkwing Duck] as The Green Goblin/Norman Osborn

Sevarius [Gargoyles] as Doctor Octopus

Frollo [Hunchback of Notre Dame] as Venom

The Horned King [The Black Cauldron] as Sandman

Gaston [Beauty and the Beast] as Carnage

Clayton [Tarzan] as Kraven The Hunter

Pete [Mickey Mouse] as Rhino

Evil Queen [Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs] as Electro

Sykes [Oliver and Company] as The Shocker

Negaduck 2 [Darkwing Duck] as The Hobgoblin

Ben Ali Gator [Fantasia] as The Lizard

Witches of Norva [The Black Cauldron] as Morbius

Jasper and Horace [101 Dalmatians] as Molten Man

Maleficent [Sleeping Beauty] as Mysterio

Governor Ratcliffe [Pocahontas] as Scorpion

Elastigirl from [The Incredibles] as Black Cat

Sykes 2 [Oliver and Company] as Kingpin

Buford from [Phineas And Ferb] as Flash Thompson

Ariel from [The Little Mermaid] as Gwen Stacy

Honest John [Pinocchio] as The New Goblin

Mace Malone [Gargoyles] as Tombstone

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