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Version 1 (made by BrittanCroftFan)

  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Spongebob Squarepants
  • Goofy (from Mickey Mouse) as Patrick
  • Grumpy (from Snow White) as Squidward
  • Hemlich (from A Bug's Life) as Mr.Krabs
  • Kiara (from The Lion King 2) as Sandy
  • Sid (from Toy Story) as Plankton
  • Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) as Larry
  • Penny (from The Rescuers) as Mrs. Puff
  • Princess Atta (from A Bug's Life) as Pearl
  • Pluto (from Mickey Mouse) as Gary
  • Edgar (From The Aristocats) as Bubble Bass

Version 2 (Made by Manta-bee and Meanfang)

  • Milo (from Atlantis) as Spongebob
  • Kuzco (from the Emperor's new Groove) as Patrick
  • Jim Hawkins (from Treasure Planet) as Squidward
  • The Sultan (form Aladdin) as Mr. Krabs
  • Mulan (from Mulan) as Sandy Cheeks
  • Esmerelda (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Mrs. Puff
  • Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Pearl
  • Mr. Incredible (from The Incredibles) as Mermaid Man
  • Frozone (from The Incredibles) as Barnicle Boy
  • Oliver (from Oliver and Company) as Gary
  • Beagle Boy (From Ducktales) as Bubble Bass
  • King Triton (From The Little Mermaid) as King Neptune
  • Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as Mindy
  • Hades (from Hercules) as Plankton
  • Kenai (from Brother Bear) as Larry
  • John Silver (from Treasure Planet) as Reg
  • Grin (from Mighty Ducks) as Popeye Fish
  • Chip n Dale as The Nerds
  • Buford (from Phineas and Ferb) as Monroe
  • Panic (from Hercules) as Fred
  • Pain (from Hercules) as Tom
  • Alexander Fox Xanatos (from Gargoyles) as Flatts The Flounder
  • David Xanatos (from Gargoyles) as Mr. Flounder
  • Old Man (from The Emperor's New Groove) as The Old Man
  • Jeremy (from Phineas and Ferb) as Jimmy
  • Princess Candy (from Dave the Barbarian) as Tina
  • Elsa (from Frozen) as Nancy
  • Elisa (from Gargoyles) as Officer Nancy
  • Fred (from Big Hero 6) as John
  • Old Man (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Old Man Jenkins
  • Roger (from 101 Dalmatians) as Mr. Squarepants
  • Anita (from 101 Dalmatians) as Mrs. Squarepants
  • Nanny (from 101 Dalmatians) as Grandma Squarepants
  • Pacha (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Mr. Star
  • Chicha (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Mrs. Star
  • Owen (from Gargoyles) as The Health Inspector
  • Mike Chilton (from Motorcity) as Harold
  • Tambry (from Gravity Falls) as Evelyn
  • The Cave of Wonders (from Aladdin) as Green Soil
  • Lord Dragaunus (from Mighty Ducks) as Angler Fish
  • Cyclops (from Hercules) as Rock Bottom Bus Manager
  • Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast) as Squilliam
  • Navigator (from Wall-E) as Robot Waiter
  • Bomb Voyage (from The Incredibles) as Kelp Thing
  • Oogie Boogie (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) as The Flying Dutchman
  • Lucifer (from Cinderella) as Larry
  • Marie (from The Aristocats) as Snellie
  • Jafar (from Aladdin) as Manray
  • Iago (from Aladdin) as The Dirty Bubble
  • Mole (from Atlantis) as Henry
  • Hildy Gloom (from The 7D) as Vera
  • Grim Gloom (from The 7D) as Medley
  • Deputy Durland (from Gravity Falls) as Officer John
  • Sheriff Blubs (from Gravity Falls) as Officer Rob
  • Ron Stoppable (from Kim Possible) as Johnny Krill
  • Booster (from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) as Not Dead Ted
  • Ms. Finster (from Recess) as Grand Maul Granny
  • Lord Hater (from Wander Over Yonder) as Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
  • Wild Wing (from Mighty Ducks) as Captain Frostymug
  • Cruella De Ville (from 101 Dalmatians) as Miss Grissle Puss
  • Percival McLeach (from The Rescuers Down Under) as Officer Al

Version 3 (made by UbiSoftFan94)

  • Mike (from Monsters, Inc.) as Spongebob
  • Genie (from Aladdin) as Patrick
  • Jim Hawkins (from Treasure Planet) as Squidward
  • Marlin (from Finding Nemo) as Mr. Krabs
  • Boo (from Monsters, Inc.) as Sandy Cheeks
  • Esmerelda (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Mrs. Puff
  • Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Pearl
  • Pumbaa (from The Lion King) as Mermaid Man
  • Timon (from The Lion King) as Barnicle Boy
  • Young Simba (from The Lion King) as Gary

Version 4 (made by Skullzproductions)

  • Mickey Mouse as SpongeBob
  • Goofy as Patrick
  • Donald Duck as Squidward
  • Minnie Mouse as Sandy
  • Scrooge McDuck as Mr. Krabs
  • Pete as Plankton
  • Ariel as Mindy
  • King Triton as King Neptune
  • The Mad Hatter as the Goofy Goober

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