Shere Khan the Tiger from [The Jungle Book] as The Pink Panther

Baloo the Bear from [The Jungle Book] as Inspector Clouseau

King Louie from [The Jungle Book] as Jacques

Winfred from [The Jungle Book] as Simone Clouseau

Colonel Hathi from [The Jungle Book] as Charles Dreyfuss

Kanga from [Winnie the Pooh] as Queen

Shere Khan's Grandmother from [Jungle Cubs] as Pink Panther's girlfriend

Papa Heffalump from [Winnie the Pooh] as the Drunk

Kaa from [The Jungle Book] as Roland

Bagheera from [The Jungle Book] as Rattfink

Little Bird from [Sesame Street] as The Ant

Big Bird from [Sesame Street] as The Aardvark

Oscar the Grouch from [Sesame Street] as Tijuana Toads

Mufasa from [The Lion King] as The Blue Racer

Adult Simba from [The Lion King] as Hoot Kloot

Eeyore from [Winnie the Pooh] as The Dogfather

Snuffy from [Sesame Street] as Misterjaw

Rajah from [Aladdin] as Crazylegs Crane

Ed from [The Lion King] as The Little White/Tan Man

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