Disney/Tiny Toon Adventures is a parody series featuring audio from Tiny Toon Adventures and characters from various Disney Movies.


Version 1 (made by UbiSoftFan94)

  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Buster Bunny
  • Minnie Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Babs Bunny
  • Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) as Hamton J. Pig
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) as Plucky Duck
  • Stitch (From Lilo & Stitch) as Dizzy Devil
  • Sid Philips (from Toy Story) as Montana Max
  • Darla Sherman (from Finding Nemo) as Elmyra Duff
  • Daisy Duck (From Mickey Mouse) as Shirley the Loon
  • Lilo (From Lilo and Stitch) as Fifi La Fume
  • Tigger (From Winnie the Pooh) as Gogo Dodo
  • Young Simba (From The Lion King) as Furrball
  • Trusty (From Lady & The Tramp) as Byron Basset
  • Wall-E (From Wall-E) as Calamity Coyote
  • Dash (From The Incredibles) as Little Beeper
  • Alpha (From Up) as Arnold the Pit Bull
  • Jack-Jack (From The Incredibles) as Li'l Sneezer
  • Tinkerbell (From Peter Pan) as Sweetie Bird
  • Bookworm (From Toy Story 3) as Bookworm (Bookworm and Bookworm both share the same name)
  • Buzzy (From The Jungle Book) as Concord Condor
  • Panchito (From The Three Cabalerros) as Fowlmouth
  • Tiana (From The Princess & The Frog) as Mary Melody
  • Max (From The Little Mermaid) as Barky Marky
  • Bambi (From Bambi) as Vinnie the Deer
  • Colonel Hathi (From The Jungle Book) as Wade Pig
  • Mrs. Hathi (From The Jungle Book) as Winnie Pig
  • Pumbaa (From The Lion King) as Uncle Stinky Pig
  • Doc (from Snow White) as Bugs Bunny
  • Grumpy (from Snow White) as Daffy Duck
  • Happy (From Snow White) as Porky Pig
  • Alan-A-Dale (From Robin Hood) as Foghorn Leghorn
  • The Air Conditioner (From The Brave Little Toaster) as Wile E. Coyote
  • The Beast (From Beauty & the Beast) as Taz (Tazmanian Devil)
  • Thomas O'Malley (From The Aristocats) as Sylvester
  • Stinky Pete the Prospector (From Toy Story 2) as Yosemite Sam
  • Flower (From Bambi) as Pepe Le Pew
  • Cinderella (From Cinderella) as Mitzi
  • Jasmine (From Aladdin) as Babs' Mother
  • Flotsam (From The Little Mermaid) as Danforth Drake
  • Jetsam (From The Little Mermaid) as Roderick Rat
  • Ursula (From The Little Mermaid) as Rhubella Rat
  • Jafar (From Aladdin) As Dr. Gene Splicer
  • Sulley (From Monsters Inc.) as Melvin the Monster
  • Pete (From Mickey Mouse) as Sappy Stanley
  • Cruella De Vil (From 101 Dalmatians) as Gotcha Grabmore
  • The Wolf (From Peter and the Wolf) as The Wolverine
  • Edgar (From the Aristocats) as Mr. Hitcher
  • Monsieur Gaston (From Beauty & The Beast) as Johnny Pew
  • Prince John (From Robin Hood) as Silas Wonder
  • Jasper & Horace (From 101 Dalmatians) as Silas' Minions
  • Lotso (From Toy Story 3) as Ruffee
  • Brer Rabbit (From Song of the South) as Banjo Possum
  • Peg (From Mickey Mouse) as The Adults Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson

Version 2 (made by Skullzproductions)

  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Buster Bunny
  • Young Kiara (from the Lion King 2) as Babs Bunny
  • Goofy (from Mickey Mouse) as Hamton J. Pig
  • Oliver (from Oliver and Company) as Furball (both are cats)
  • Grumpy (from Snow White) as Plucky Duck
  • Tinky Winky (from Teletubbies) as Gogo Dodo
  • Atta (from A Bug's Life) as Shirley The Loon
  • Heimlich (from A Bug's Life) as Bugs Bunny

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