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  • Peter Pan From (Peter Pan) as Optimus Prime
  • John Darling From (Peter Pan) as Bumblebee
  • Captain Phoebus From (The Hunchback Of Notre dame) as Prowl
  • Goofy From (Mickey Mouse) as Ratchet
  • Rabbit From (Mickey Mouse) as Bulkhead
  • Penny From (The Rescuers) as Sari Sumdac
  • Dodger From (Oliver and Company) as Ultra Magnus
  • Kovu From (The Lion King 2) as Jazz
  • Aladdin From (Aladdin) as Blurr
  • Mufasa From (The Lion King) as Sentinal Prime
  • Captain Hook From (Peter Pan) as Megatron
  • Jafar From (Aladdin) as Starscream
  • Frollo From (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Dirt Boss
  • Madame Medusa From(The Rescuers) as Blackarachina
  • Hades From (Hercules) as Lockdown
  • Pete From (Mickey Mouse) as Oil Slick

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