• Peter Pan From Peter Pan as Optimus Prime
  • John Darling From Peter Pan as Ironhide
  • Michael Darling From Peter Pan as Ratchet
  • Pikachu From Pokemon as Bumblebee
  • Pichu From Pokemon as Wheelie
  • Wilbur From The Rescuers Down Under as Sideswipe
  • Cubby and Tootles From Peter Pan as Skids and Mudflap
  • Captain Hook From Peter Pan as Megatron
  • Mullins From Peter Pan as Starscream
  • Loco From A Bug's Life as Grindor
  • Witch King From The Lord Of The Rings as The Fallen
  • Scorch From Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon as Devastator
  • Gothmog From The Lord Of The Rings as Demolishor
  • Long John Silver From Treasure Planet as Jetfire
  • Nuka From The Lion King as Soundwave
  • Bill Jukes From Peter Pan as Mixmaster
  • Port From The Pirate Fairy as Rampage
  • Black Murphy as Long Haul
  • Sabor From Tarzan as Ravage
  • Kaa From The Jungle Book as Reedman
  • Turk from Peter Pan as Scrapper
  • Starkey From Peter Pan as Hightower
  • Skylights From Peter Pan as Overload
  • Damien Salt From Peter Pan Scavenger
  • Yang From The Pirate Fairy Scrapmetal
  • Davey Jones From Pirates Of Sideways

Voice Cast

  • Peter Cullen Voice of Peter Pan
  • Jess Harnell Voice of John Darling
  • Robert Foxworth Voice Of Michael Darling
  • Tom Kenny Voice Of Cubby/Pichu
  • Mark Ryan Voice Of Pikachu/Long John Silver
  • Frank Welker Voice Of Scorch/Nuka/Sabor/Kaa
  • Kevin Michael Richardson Voice Of Port
  • André Sogliuzzo as Of Wilbur
  • Hugo Weaving Voice Of Megatron
  • Charles Adler Voice Of Mullins
  • Tony Todd Voice of Witch King
  • Bill Fagerbakke Voice Of Port/Starkey
  • Jeff Bennett Voice Of Loco/Bill Jukes

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