• Roger Rabbit - The Genie/Mickey Mouse/Himself/Mushu/Woody/Winnie the Pooh/Buzz Lightyear/Tom/Tails/Casper/Thomas the Tank Engine/Baloo/Bernard/Jiminy Cricket/Toad
  • Mickey Mouse - Himself/Buster Bunny/Thomas the Tank Engine/Ten Cents/Sonic the Hedgehog/Sally Acorn/Jiminy Cricket/Bart Simpsons/Doc/Taran/Alice/Woody/Arthur Pendragon/Toaster
  • Donald Duck - Himself/Plucky Duck/James the Red Engine/Sunshine/Antoine/Bunnie Rabbot/Pinocchio/Woody Woodpecker/Homer Simpsons/Cody/Aladdin/Kirby
  • Goofy - Himself/Knuckles/Gordon the Big Express Engine/Big Mac/Uncle Chuck/Rotor/Lenny/Geppetto/Ferry Boat Fred/Mowgli/Tigger/Danny/Lampy
  • Benny the Cab - Lighting McQueen/Winnie the Pooh/Tigger/Bertie the Bus/Lampwick/Pinocchio/Himself/RC/Pikachu/Top Cat/Mickey Mouse/Astro Boy/Dumbo/Magic Carpet
  • Bugs Bunny - Winnie the Pooh/Toby the Tram Engine/Taran/Mickey Mouse/Sonic the Hedgehog/Himself/Kirby (Kirby)/Tails/Alice/Belle/PAC-MAN
  • Daffy Duck - Tigger/Victor/Homer Simpsons/Donald Duck/Shadow the Hedgehog/Himself/Tuff/Coconuts/Dinah/Scuttle/Blinky
  • Eddie Valiant - Billy Pretzer/Himself/James Dale/Mickey Mouse/Mario/Penny/Thomas the Tank Engine/Woody/Flik/Ash Ketchum/Aladdin
  • and more

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