The Wicked Queen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937

Occupation: monarch Henchmen: the Huntsman Crimes: attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder Motive: vanity Alter ego: the Hag

"...a special sort of death for one so fair."

J. Worthington Foulfellow, Pinocchio, 1940

Occupation: con artist Henchmen: Gideon Crimes: accessory to kidnapping, fraud, child endangerment Motive: greed Alias: Honest John

"Then you haven't heard of the easy road to success."

The ringmaster, Dumbo, 1941

Lady Tremaine, Cinderella, 1950

Occupation: lady Henchmen: Lucifer Crimes: destruction of royal property, treason Motive: jealousy Talent: plays the piano

"These beads...they give it just the right touch."

Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, 1951

Occupation: monarch, tyrant Henchmen: deck of cards Crimes: none; absolute monarchs can do as they like Motive: bad temper Sport: croquet

"All ways are my ways!"

Captain Hook, Peter Pan, 1953

Occupation: ship's captain Henchmen: Mr. Smee, assorted buccaneers Crimes: piracy, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, terroristic threats Motive: hatred Fear: chronomentrophobia (fear of clocks)

"...and Captain Hook never breaks a promise."

Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, 1959

Occupation: evil fairy Henchmen: hideous goons Crimes: attempted murder, kidnapping, trespassing Motive: spite Residence: The Forbidden Mountain

"You thought you could defeat me, the mistress of all evil!"

Cruella de Vil, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, 1961

Occupation: rich society gal Henchmen: Horace & Jasper Badun Crimes: dognapping, reckless driving Motive: revenge Obsession: furs

"Poison them, drown them, bash them in the head..."

Madam Mim, The Sword in the Stone, 1963

Occupation: witch Henchmen: none Crimes: attempted murder Motive: just for fun Hobby: games

"Sounds like someone's sick. How nice."

Shere Khan, The Jungle Book, 1967

Occupation: predator Henchmen: none Crimes: none; it's no crime for a tiger to stalk prey. Motive: hatred Fear: pyrophobia (fear of fire)

"It makes the chase more interesting...for me."

Edgar, The Aristocats, 1970

Occupation: butler Henchmen: none Crimes: grand theft, trespassing Motive: greed Last known whereabouts: Timbuktu

"I'll be gone! No...oh, no...they'll be gone."

Prince John, Robin Hood, 1973

Occupation: would-be monarch Henchmen: Sir Hiss, the Sheriff of Nottingham Crimes: treason Motive: sibling rivalry Annoying habit: thumb-sucking

"This crown gives me a feeling of power! Power! Forgive me a cruel chuckle, heh, heh, heh, power."

Madame Medusa, The Rescuers, 1977

Occupation: pawn shop owner Henchmen: Mr. Snoops Crimes: kidnapping, child endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon Motive: obsession Fear: suriphobia (fear of mice)

"What makes you think anyone would want a homely little girl like you?"

Amos slade, The fox and the hound, 1981

The Horned King, The Black Cauldron, 1985

Occupation: monarch Henchmen: Creeper, Gwythaints, brutish warriors Crimes: grave desecration, kidnapping, theft Motive: delusions of godhood Native land: Prydain

"Now I shall call on my army of the dead--the Cauldron Born!"

Professor Ratigan, The Great Mouse Detective, 1986

Occupation: crimelord Henchmen: Fidget, thugs Crimes: treason, attempted regicide, kidnapping, murder, attempted murder, unlawful entry, assault and battery, child endangerment Motive: megalomania Pet peeve: being called a rat

"You know what happens when someone upsets me."

Sykes, Oliver and Company, 1988

Occupation: loan shark Henchmen: Roscoe, DeSoto Crimes: extortion, kidnapping, terroristic threats, reckless driving, child endangerment Motive: greed Hobby: model-building

"I don't think you grasp the severity of the situation."

Ursula, The Little Mermaid, 1989

Occupation: former courtier, now sea witch for hire Henchmen: Flotsam & Jetsam Crimes: treason, fraud, attempted murder Motive: ambition Fantasy: thinks she's thin

"So much for true love!"

McLeach, The Rescuers Down Under, 1990

Occupation: hunter Henchmen: Joanna the lizard Crimes: poaching, kidnapping, attempted murder, cruelty to animals, child endangerment Motive: greed Education: third grade

"Let's see if we can do something to refresh that rusty old memory of yours."

Gaston, Beauty and the Beast, 1991

Occupation: pub owner, town bully Henchmen: Lefou, local yokels Crimes: attempted murder, kidnapping, breaking and entering, assault and battery, arson, incitement to riot Motive: vanity True love: himself

"Don't I deserve the best?"

Jafar, Aladdin, 1992

Occupation: vizier Henchmen: Iago Crimes: attempted murder, kidnapping, treason, assault and battery, theft Motive: ambition Special ability: hypnosis

"How many times do I have to kill you, boy?"

Scar, The Lion King, 1994

Occupation: predator Henchmen: Shenzi, Banzai, Ed Crimes: regicide/fratricide, attempted murder, assault and battery, child endangerment Motive: ambition Identifying marks: scar over left eye

"Long live the king."

Ratcliffe, Pocahontas, 1995

Occupation: colonial governor Henchmen: colonists Crimes: attempted genocide, incitement to riot, abuse of power, assault with a deadly weapon Motive: social advancement Disability: crick in the spine

"I'll need those witless peasants to dig up my gold."

Claude Frollo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996

Occupation: judge Henchmen: soldiers Crimes: attempted genocide, manslaughter, attempted murder, attempted infanticide, abuse of power, police brutality, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon Motive: lust Object of desire: Esmeralda

"How dare you defy me!"

Hades, Hercules, 1997

Occupation: lord of the dead Henchmen: Pain & Panic Crimes: treason, attempted murder, kidnapping, conspiracy Motive: sibling rivalry Hair: flaming

"Boom, bada-boom, boom, boom!"

Zira, The lion king 2, 1997

Shan-Yu, Mulan, 1998

Occupation: warlord Henchmen: the Hun army Crimes: mass murder, war crimes, kidnapping, assault and battery Motive: conquest Color scheme: monochromatic

"Your walls and armies have fallen. And now, it's your turn."

Clayton, Tarzan, 1999

Occupation: safari guide Henchmen: unscrupulus sailors Crimes: attempted murder, kidnapping, piracy, mutiny, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon Motive: greed Final victim: himself

"I've got some hunting to do."

Yzma, The Emperor's New Groove, 2000

Occupation: former royal advisor, now kitty Henchmen: Kronk Crimes: attempted regicide, treason, kidnapping, assault and battery Motive: ambition Descendant: Cruella De Vil

"Or, to save on postage, I could just poison him with this!"

Lyle T. Rourke, Atlantis: the Lost Empire, 2001

Occupation: expedition commander, explorer, mercenary Henchmen: Helga Sinclair Crimes: murder, kidnapping, assault and battery, grand theft, breaking and entering Motive: greed Middle name: Tiberius

"I love it when I win."

John Silver, Treasure Planet, 2002

Occupation: pirate, cook Henchmen: alien sailors Crimes: mutiny, piracy, kidnapping, arson, theft, breaking and entering Motive: greed Designation: cyborg

"You give up a few t'ings...chasin' a dream."

Alameda Slim, Home on the Range, 2004

Occupation: former ranch hand, now land baron

Henchmen: The Willie Brothers, Rico Crimes: rustling, fraud, assault and battery Motive: revenge Talent: yodelling

"When you're talkin' revenge, every last acre counts."

Dr. Facilier, The Princess and the Frog, 2009

Occupation: witch doctor, fortune teller, con artist Henchmen: Lawrence, shadow creatures Crimes: fraud, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder Motive: envy Nickname: The Shadow Man

"I need his heart pumpin'. For now."

Texas pete, The original adventures of Superted, 1982, The further adventures of superted, 1989

Razoul, The return of jafar, Aladdin: The series & Aladdin and the king of thieves, 1994-1996

Sa'Luk, Aladdin and the king of thieves, 1996

The weasels, The wind in the willows, 1908

Madame blue & Buxton the blue cat, Dougal and the blue cat, 1972

Captain throat jake, Captain pugwash, 1974-1975

Napoleon, Animal farm, 1954

The witch of the west, The wizard of oz, 1939

Dr. Claw, Inspector gadget, 1983-1986

Generel blight, Bananaman, 1983-1986

The troublesome trucks, Thomas the tank engine, 1984-2010

Baron greenback, Dangermouse, 1981-1992

Dr. Von goosewing, Count duckula, 1988-1993


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