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Disney - Jurassic Disney Park is a Disney/Jurassic Park parody series. It will be made in May 2010 by DucktheGWREngineFan9

The Cast is

Doc from [Snow White] as Dr. Alan Grant

Tramp from [Lady and the Tramp] as Dr. Ian Malcolm

Bambi from [Bambi] as Dr. Ellie Deglar

Bagheera from [The Jungle Book] as Dr. John Hammond

Young Simba from [The Lion King] as Tim Murphy

Marie from [The Aristocats] as Alexis Lex Murphy

Baloo from [The Jungle Book] as Robert Muldoon

Sir Hiss from [Robin Hood] as Dennis T. Nerdy

Sir Ector from [The Sword in the Stone] as Donald Gennaro

Kaa from [The Jungle Book] as John Raymond Arnold

Dopey from [Snow White] as Dr. Gerry Harding

Timon from [The Lion King] as Dr. Henry Wu

Jock from [Lady and the Tramp] as Lewis Dodgson

Trusty from [Lady and the Tramp] as Juanito Rostango

John Smith from [Pocahontas] as Richard Kiley

The Disney Villians, Bees and other bad Disney Characters from [Disney Shows and Disney Movies] as The Dinosaurs

Robin Hood from [Robin Hood] as Mr. DNA

and more

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