• Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Gobo Fraggle
  • Sofia (from Sofia the First) as Mokey Fraggle
  • Rizzo the Rat (from Muppet Moments) as Wembley Fraggle
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Boober Fraggle
  • Izzy (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Red Fraggle
  • Kermit the Frog (from Muppet Moments) as Uncle Traveling Matt
  • Baileywick (from Sofia the First) as Doc
  • Rowlf the Dog (from Muppet Moments) as Sprocket
  • Mr. Smee (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Junior Gorg
  • Red Jessica (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Ma Gorg
  • Captain Hook (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Pa Gorg
  • Gonzo (from Muppet Moments) as Philo
  • Henry Hugglemonster (from Henry Hugglemonster) as Gunge
  • Phoebe Callisto (from Miles from Tomorrowland) as Marjory the Trash Heap
  • The Seahorses (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates), Trolls (from Sofia the First) and Felipe, Rusty, Turner, Squeeze, Dusty, Stretch, Pat and Flicker (from Handy Manny) as Doozers
  • Sam the Eagle (from Muppet Moments) as Architect Doozer
  • Rafiki (from The Lion Guard) as Cantus the Minstrel
  • Clover (from Sofia the First) as Murray the Minstrel
  • Bobo the Bear (from Muppet Moments) as Brool the Minstrel
  • Priscilla Skunk (from Sheriff Callie's Wild West) as Brio the Minstrel
  • Skully (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Balsam the Minstrel
  • Pete (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Wander McMooch
  • Tick-Tock the Crocodile (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Skenfrith
  • Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (from Muppet Moments) as The World's Oldest Fraggle
  • Beaker (from Muppet Moments) as Henchy Fraggle
  • Willie the Giant (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Mudwell the Mudbunny
  • Dread the Evil Genie (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as The Mean Genie
  • Whatnaught (from Sofia the First) as Begoony
  • Ludwig Von Drake (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Sidebottom
  • Fozzie Bear (from Muppet Moments) as Convincing John

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