Disney Sing Along Songs: Follow Your Heart is a video from the Sing Along Songs series. Hosted by Professor Set (VTech VideoSmarts) as Ludwig Von Drake.


  1. Disney Sing Along Songs Opening (with remixed music)
  2. Follow Your Heart (From Thumbelina)
  3. Friends to the End (From Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  4. Little Wooden Head (From Pinocchio)
  5. Please Wake Up (From Once Upon a Forest)
  6. Let Me Be Surprised (From All Dogs Go to Heaven)
  7. Let Me Be Your Wings (From Thumbelina)
  8. No More Mr. Nice Guy (From The Swan Princess)
  9. Chim Chim Cher-ee (From Mary Poppins)
  10. Once Upon a Dream (From Sleeping Beauty)
  11. Follow Your Heart Reprise

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