Disney Sing Along Songs: Me and Jesus is a release of Disney Sing Along Songs from August 13, 2010. Jesus hosts a Superstar Show and Ludwig Von Drake also tells about by himself to become a superstar. Hosted by: Jesus (Alec Sulkin) and Ludwig Von Drake
Disney Sing-Along Songs - Me and Jesus VHS Cover

The Cover of the 2010 Release



1. Me and Jesus (From Family Guy)

2. Castles So High (From Barney's Magical Musical Adventure)

3. On the Open Road (From A Goofy Movie)

4. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (From Song of the South)

5. This Jesus Must Die (From Jesus Christ Superstar)

6. The Last Supper (From Jesus Christ Superstar)

7. You Needed Me (From Family Guy)

8. Old King Cole (From Barney's Magical Musical Adventure)

9. Promised Land (From VeggieTales)

10. Superstar (From Jesus Christ Superstar)

11. Little Wooden Head (From Pinocchio)

12. Furry Happy Monsters (From Sesame Street)

13. I Feel So Happy (From Sesame Street)

14. Follow Your Heart (From Thumbelina)

15. Me and Jesus reprise


  • This is the first Disney SAS to feature Family Guy songs.
  • The Opening Theme and Closing Theme were both remixed.
  • This is also the first Disney SAS video where Jesus and Ludwig Von Drake both meet together.

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