The Big Bow Wow Cover
The Big Bow Wow Back Cover
Disney Sing Along Songs: The Big Bow Wow is a video from the Sing Along Songs series. In this video, Grover takes the stage as he presents vaudeville acts from Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and more! Released in 2000


  • The Big Bow Wow (Snoopy!!! The Musical) (Audience cheering added at the end)
  • Pigeons and Cookies and Trash (Sesame Street)
  • Top Banana (The Muppet Show)
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins)
  • Three (Sesame Street)
  • Fur (Sesame Street)
  • Make 'Em Laugh (Singin' in the Rain)
  • Counting Floors (Sesame Street)
  • Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange) (Sesame Street)
  • Mr. Between (Sesame Street)
  • Take Ten Terrific Grls (The Muppet Show)
  • High, Middle, Low (Sesame Street)
  • Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Revue (Garfield & Friends)
  • That's What Friends Are For (Sesame Street)
  • The Big Bow Wow reprise


  • Written by: Tony Geiss
  • Segment Writers: Lee Adams, David Axlerod, Lou Berger, Mark Evanier, Hal Hackady, Emily Perl Kingsley, Jeff Moss
  • Directed by: Chuck Vinson
  • Segment Directors: Philip Casson, Peter Harris, Sam Jaimes, Robert Myhrum, Jon Stone
  • Producer: Arlene Sherman
  • With the Talents of: Frank Oz as Grover and Caroll Spinney as Oscar the Grouch, with Cam Clarke, Milton Berle, Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Karen Dotrice, Matthew Gerber, J. Pat O'Malley, Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash, Fran Brill, Richard Hunt, Donald O'Connor, Gene Kelly, Christopher Cerf, Dave Goelz, David Rudman, Camille Bonora, Joe Raposo, Jeff Moss, Gregg Berger, Lorenzo Music, Desiree Goyette, and Jim Henson
  • Songs - "The Big Bow Wow" Music by: Larry Grossman, Lyrics by: Hal Hackady
  • "PIgeons and Cookies and Trash" Music and Lyrics by: Jeff Moss
  • "Top Banana" Music by: Larry Grossman, Lyrics by: Johnny H. Mercer
  • "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Music and Lyrics by: Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
  • "Three" Music and Lyrics by: Jeff Moss
  • "Fur" Music by: Sam Pottle, Lyrics by: David Axlerod
  • "Make 'Em Laugh" Music by: Nacio Herb Brown, Lyrics by: Arthur Freed
  • "Counting Floors" Music by: Sam Pottle, Lyrics by: David Axlerod
  • "Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)" Music by: Stephen Lawrence, Lyrics by: David Axlerod
  • "Mr. Between" Music by: Christopher Cerf, Lyrics by: Lou Berger
  • "Take Ten Terrific Girls" Music by: Charles Strouse, Lyrics by: Lee Adams
  • "High, Middle, Low" Music by: Jeff Moss, Lyrics by: Emily Perl Kingsley
  • "Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review" Music and Lyrics by: Ed Bogas and Desiree Goyette
  • "That's What Friends Are For" Music and Lyrics by: Tony Geiss
  • Production Designer: Victor DiNapoli
  • Muppets, Costumes, Props supervised by: Ed Christie
  • Production Manager: Harvey S. Wilson
  • Graphic Designer: Mike Pantuso
  • Puppet Captain: Kevin Clash
  • Associate Producer: Karin Young Shiel
  • "Peanuts" characters appear courtesy of United Feature Syndicate
  • "Garfield" characters appear courtesy of Paws, Inc. and United Feature Syndicate
  • Special Thanks to: Sharon Lerner, Al Hyslop, Jocelyn Stevenson, Frieda Lipp

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