• Anikin Skywalker - Prince Adam ( Beauty and the Beast)
    Obi Wan Kenobi - Prince Phillip ( Sleeping Beauty)
    Qui Gon Jin - Phebous ( the Hunchback of Notre Dame)
    Padme - Belle ( Beauty and the Beast)
    Luke Skywalker - Taran ( the Black Cauldron)
    Ben Kenobi - Merlin ( the Sword in the Stone)
    Master Yoda - Elliott ( Pete's Dragon)
    Princess Leia- Eilwony ( the Black Cauldron)
    R2D2- Morph ( Treasure Planet )
    C3PO- B.E.N ( Treasure Planet )
    Han Solo - Captain John Smith ( Pocahantas)
    Chewbacca- Keneai ( Brother Bear)
    Lando- Dr. Facilier ( the Princess and the Frog)
    Darth Sidious - the Horned King( the Black Cauldron)
    Darth Vader- Chernbog ( Fantasia)
    Darth Maul - Hades ( Hercules)
    Count Dooku - Jafar ( Aladdin)
    Genreal Greivous - Professor Ratigan ( the Great Mouse Detective)
    Chancellor Palpitine - Frollo (the Hunchback of Norte Dame)
    Mace Windu -Joshua Strongbear Sweet ( Atlantis: the Lost Empire )
    Jar Jar Binks- Louis ( Princess and the Frog)

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