Timon As Woody

Gideon As Buzz Lightyear

Minnie Mouse As Jessie

Mowgli As Mr. Potato Head

Melody As Mrs. Potato Head

Pooh As Slinky Dog

Tigger As Bullseye

Bambi As Rex

Dumbo As Hamm

Basil, Dawson, and Olivia As The Squeeze Toy Alien Trio

Brer Bear As Lotso Huggin Bear

Brer Fox As Twitch

Sir Hiss As Sparks

WALL E As Chunk

Alice As Barbie

Honest John As Ken

Taran As Teenage Andy

Penny As Young Molly

Kairi As Bonnie

Giselle As Trixie

Aurora As Dolly

Gopher As Buttercup

Piglet As Mr.Prickle Pants

Goofy As Big Baby

Brer Rabbit As Chatter Telephone

Kaa As Stretch

Rabbit As Chuckles

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