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Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Prince Adam as Thomas
  • Hercules as Edward
  • Baloo as Henry
  • Captain Phoebus as Gordon
  • Rabbit as James
  • Maurice as Percy
  • Merlin as Toby
  • Robin Hood as Duck
  • Bagheera as Donald
  • Kovu as Douglas
  • Jim Hawkins as Oliver
  • Captain Long John Silver as Diesel
  • Fifer Pig as Bill
  • Fiddler Pig as Ben
  • Mufasa as BoCo
  • Sarabi as Daisy
  • Princess Aurora as Mavis
  • Tarzan as Stepney
  • Snow White as Emily
  • Beast as Bertie
  • Dodo as Salty
  • Br'er Bear as Harvey
  • Jasper and Horace as Arry and Bert
  • Br'er Rabbit as Fergus
  • Doc as Skarloey
  • Bashful as Rheneas
  • King Hurbert as Sir Handel
  • King Stefan as Peter Sam
  • Huck as Rusty
  • Emmett as Duncan
  • Owl as Duke
  • Zeus as Freddie
  • Twiddledum and Twiddledee as Mighty Mac
  • Prince Charming as Arthur
  • Belle as Lady
  • Injun Joe as Diesel 10
  • Rosco and Desoto as Splatter and Dodge
  • Walt Disney as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Rafiki as Terence
  • Jiminy Cricket as Trevor
  • Tom Sawyer as Toad
  • Donald Duck as Derek
  • Sir Ector as Bulgy
  • Winifred as Elizabeth
  • Big Bad Wolf as George
  • Paul Bunyan as Murdoch
  • Pete as Spencer
  • Aunt Sarah as Caroline
  • Adult Ronno as Cranky
  • King of Hearts as S. C. Ruffey
  • The Saultan as Mr. Pervical
  • Dumbo as Harold
  • Adult Nala as Rosie
  • Troublesome Trucks Played by 3 Little Wolves, Weasels, Pirates (from Peter Pan), Monkies, Hauns, Hyenas, Playing Cards (from Alice in Wonderland), Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, and Wolves, Guards (from The Black Cauldron), Guards (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame), and Goons
  • Fidget as Smudger
  • Monstro as Bulstrode
  • Pegasus as Jeremy
  • Maid Marian as Molly
  • Prince Phillip as Stanley
  • Amelia and Abigal as Annie and Clarabel
  • Pongo as Jack
  • Arthur/Wart as Alfie
  • Carpet as Nelson
  • Sleepy as Ned
  • Trusty as Oliver (Pack)
  • Mr. Potts (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) as Byron
  • Pete as Patrick
  • Prince Eric as Kelly
  • Pertida as Isobella
  • Vitani as Max
  • Nuka as Monty
  • Kala as Jenny Packer
  • Terk as Whiff
  • Ichabod Crane as Neville
  • Sir Kay as Rocky
  • Blue Mitten as Bash
  • Red Mitten as Dash
  • Philippe as Ferdinand
  • Catterpillar as Hector
  • Casey Jr. as Bertrum

Version 2

  • Taran as Thomas
  • Edward as Himself
  • Henry as Himself
  • Grumpy as Gordon
  • Rabbit as James
  • Donald Duck as Percy
  • Eilonwy as Emily
  • and more

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