Cruella de Vil is the primary antagonist in the 1961 animated film, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the 1996 live-action film, 101 Dalmatians, and the book of the same name that inspired both. She is portrayed by Betty Lou Gerson in the animated film and Glenn Close in the live-action adaption.

Cruella De Vil loves furs and is obsessed with them. She is known to be greedy, spoiled, and unkind.

In her appearance Cruella is mentioned by Roger to be Anita's old schoolmate. He begins to sing his own version of Cruella "Cruella De Vil" Cruella storms in and asks if the Puppies came believing they are the key to make a spotted fur coat. Anita says in three weeks the will. Cruella leaves without even joining Anita for tea. She then comes back in three weeks and she asks if they'll sell the puppies. Both Radcliffes say no. Furious Cruella leaves. She asks Horace and Jasper for help stealing the puppies. Then she next appears in the movie when she angrily watches her henchmen watching "What's My Crime". She demands them to start skinning the puppies for a fur coat! She slaps Horace and Jasper when they ask if they can finish the show first, and leaves them in her house to skin the puppies, threatening to call the police if they aren't done by morning. She finds Horace and Jasper looking for the puppies who escaped the house and they discover their footprints in the snow. They follow them to Dinsford and Cruella sees black puppies and soon she realizes that they are the puppies in soot. She follows the van the puppies ride in, but damages her car in a tree. Enraged, she tries to run the van off the road, but Horace and Jasper try to do the same thing, but Horace pulls out the wheel and they crash into Cruella's car. Cruella yells in frustration as the van drives away and she and her henchmen are taken away to prison.

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