• Dyris (from Xiaolin Showdown) as Princess Aurora
  • Prince Hans (from Frozen) as Prince Phillip
  • Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) as Flora
  • Morgana (from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea) as Fauna
  • Marina Del Ray (from The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning) as Merryweather
  • Elsa (from Frozen) as Maleficent
  • Percival C. Mcleach (from The Rescuers Down Under) as King Stefan
  • Madame Medusa (from The Rescuers) as Queen Leah
  • Governor Rattcliffe (from Pocahontas) as King Hubret
  • Mr. Snoops (from The Rescuers) as The Lackey
  • Headless Horseman (from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) as Samson
  • Zazu (from The Lion King) as Diabo the Raven
  • Dragon (from Shrek) as Dragon Maleficent

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