Pete’s fate is: Various Defeats,

The big bad wolf’s fate is: Pigs run him out of their territory,

The evil queen’s fate is: Falls off the cliff when lightning strikes and is pecked by two vultures,

The wicked witch’s fate is: Succeeds in poisoning Snow White, but the dwarfs chase her to a cliff. Lightning strikes the cliff, causing her to fall to her death, and is eaten by 2 wicked vultures,

Lady tremaine’s fate is: Killed by a fire bomb from an Unversed-possessed pumpkin along with her daughters,

The queen of hearts’s fate is: Gets stuck in a portal between Wonderland and Earth,

Cheshire cat’s fate is: Ceases to exist when Alice wakes up, as it was all just a dream,

Captain hook’s fate is: Gets chased away by The Crocodile,

Lucifer’s fate is: Gets chased away and throw out of the window by Bruno,

Maleficent’s fate is: Slain by Prince Phillip,

Cruella de vil’s fate is: Gets arrested by the Mental Asylum,

Madam Mim’s fate is: Falls so sick, that she cannot battle anymore,

Kaa’s fate is: gives up on trying to catch the man-cub, slithering off again,

Shere Khan’s fate is: Scared away by fire, the only thing he fears,

Edgar’s fate is: Locked in a trunk and sent to Timbuktu,

Madame Medusa’s fate is: Possibly eaten by Brutus and Nero in Devil's Bayou,

The bear’s fate is: Falls off a waterfall and dies,

The non-disney villain called Texas pete’s fate is: He was in the police station but the rattlesnake came to save him and they hugged each other in the last original superted episode called Superted and the rattlesnake in 1986,

The non-disney villain called The giant fat baby's fate is: Superted's nightmare disappears in Superted's dream

The Horned King's fate is: Touched and sucked up the black cauldron born and dies.

Professor Ratigan's fate is: Fell of the floor and gets eaten by Felisha the cat.

Sykes’s fate is: Gets hit by a train and dies,

The non-disney villain called Bubbles the clown's fate is: Texas pete traps bubbles into the big bubble along with his little dog in The further adventures of superted episode called Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere,

Ursula’s fate is: Impaled by Ship Mast while trying to kill Ariel; Impaled by the Trident,

McLeach’s fate is: Falls to his apparent death down a huge waterfall,

Gaston’s fate is: Falls off Beast's Castle to his death,

Jafar’s fate is: Explodes after his lamp is thrown at a lava lake by Iago in The Return of Jafar,

Razoul & The Other Royal Guards’s fate is: Falling into Crazy Hakico’s Discount Fertilizer in the Aladdin song called One jump ahead,

Scar’s fate is: Overthrown by Simba and killed by both the hyenas and the flames,

Razoul’s fate is: Learning to accept Aladdin in Aladdin and the king of thieves,

Clayton’s fate is: Fighting Tarzan, then gets hung by one of the vines and dies when it snaps his neck

And Yzma’s fate is: Turning into a cat.

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