Disney vs. Kids' WB!: Clash of the Super Cartoons is a US Video game made for the Nintendo Wii U on June 24, 2016. It is based on the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise and it has twenty-four starter characters and fifty-six more that are to be unlocked by using experience points, or you will unlock them by getting the cheat codes along with all the unlocked stages.

About the Game

  • It plays like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in a full three-on-three style. The Disney side has Winnie The Pooh, Todd Daring, Kuzco, Star Butterfly, Phineas Flynn, Wander, Dipper Pines, Penn Zero, Kick Buttowski: Randy Cunningham, Doc, Mike Chilton, Piglet, Tigger, Agent P, Brittney Wong, Amy Flowers, Mitchie O'Hara, Brad Buttowski, Fiona Von Steig, Denise Harvester, Hannibal McFist, Grumpy Dwarf, Dopey Dwarf, Sophia Winterford, Amethyst Giger, Lord Hater, Rippen, Boone Wiseman, Sashi Kobayashi, Betty Hawkins, Jenelle Renwick, Lolita Diamond, Lorry Coutts, Sylvia, Hildy Gloom, Lucia De Leon, Jolene Sanchez, Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Gideon Gleeful. The Kids' WB! side on the other hand has Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, Mary, Rikochet, The Flea, Tai Kamiya, Kari Kamiya, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Scooby-Doo, Puss In Boots, Al Smith, Mel Szyzlak, Sakura Avalon, Meilin Rae, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Turbo, T-Bone, Razor, Static, Gear, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, King Bowser Koopa, Starlight, Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, Damian, Alex Davis, Koji, and Ken of the PMC, with the final battle against Abyss himself.


Disney Side

  1. Winnie The Pooh
  2. Todd Daring
  3. Kuzco
  4. Star Butterfly
  5. Phineas Flynn
  6. Wander
  7. Dipper Pines
  8. Penn Zero
  9. Kick Buttowski
  10. Randy Cunningham
  11. Doc
  12. Mike Chilton
  13. Piglet
  14. Tigger
  15. Agent P
  16. Brittney Wong
  17. Amy Flowers
  18. Mitchie O'Hara
  19. Brad Buttowski
  20. Fiona Von Steig
  21. Denise Harvester
  22. Hannibal McFist
  23. Grumpy Dwarf
  24. Dopey Dwarf
  25. Sophia Winterford
  26. Amethyst Giger
  27. Lord Hater
  28. Rippen
  29. Boone Wiseman
  30. Sashi Kobayashi
  31. Betty Hawkins
  32. Jenelle Renwick
  33. Lolita Diamond
  34. Lorry Coutts
  35. Sylvia
  36. Hildy Gloom
  37. Lucia De Leon
  38. Jolene Sanchez
  39. Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  40. Gideon Gleeful

Kids' WB! Side

  1. Ash Ketchum
  2. Gary Oak
  3. Mary
  4. Rikochet
  5. The Flea
  6. Tai Kamiya
  7. Kari Kamiya
  8. Sailor Moon
  9. Sailor Mercury
  10. Sailor Mars
  11. Scooby-Doo
  12. Puss In Boots
  13. Al Smith
  14. Mel Szyzlak
  15. Sakura Avalon
  16. Meilin Rae
  17. Courage The Cowardly Dog
  18. Turbo
  19. T-Bone
  20. Razor
  21. Static
  22. Gear
  23. Sailor Jupiter
  24. Sailor Venus
  25. Brock
  26. Misty
  27. Lt. Surge
  28. Erika
  29. Falkner
  30. Bugsy
  31. Whitney
  32. Morty
  33. King Bowser Koopa
  34. Starlight
  35. Tom Cat
  36. Jerry Mouse
  37. Damian
  38. Alex Davis
  39. Koji
  40. Ken of the PMC

Stages with Music

  1. Airship (song Giant Wing from Sonic The Fighters)
  2. Desert (Song: Sky Sands from Kirby Air Ride)
  3. Factory (Song: Scrape Yard Scrape Up from War of the Whiskers)
  4. Carnival (song: Pika Cup Battles 4-6 from Pokemon Stadium)
  5. Swamp (Song: Everglades from Mickey's Speedway USA)
  6. Cave (Song: Hookbill, Naval and Kamek's theme from Tetris Attack)
  7. Clock Tower (Song: Greenwood Village from Diddy Kong Racing)
  8. River (Song: Sherbet Land from Mario Kart: Double Dash)
  9. Training Room (Song: All-Star Resting Spot from Kirby Super Star!)
  10. Abyss 1 (Song: Metal Mario theme from Super Smash Bros 64)
  11. Abyss 2 (Song: Fighting Polygon theme from Super Smash Bros 64)
  12. Abyss 3 (Song: Giga Bowser from Super Smash Bros. Melee)


  • This is the biggest game where it has only a total of 80 characters.
  • Abyss makes his return appearance since New Age of Heroes.
  • Various Pokemon characters appear altogether.

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