Disney vs. Kids' WB! (Enhanced Music)/Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak and Jessie Walkthrough is Pikachufreak's idea.


  • Here's a full walkthrough to Disney vs. Kids' WB! starring Ash, Gary and Jessie in their quest to conquer Arcade Mode.

List of Stages

  1. Airship (vs. Chloe Morrow, Todd Daring and Jerry Mouse)
  2. Desert (vs. Malinda Doe, Mel Szyslak and Lord Hater)
  3. Factory (vs. Iggy Koopa, Piglet, and Gideon)
  4. Carnival (vs. Kendall Perkins, Scooby-Doo and Razor)
  5. Swamp (vs. Susie Feeble, Rikochet and Larry Koopa)
  6. Cave (vs. Mitchie O'Hara, Static and Julie Kane)
  7. Clock Tower (vs. Misty, Buena Girl and Lexi Bunny)
  8. Final Destination (vs. Master Hand)


  1. Pika Cup 4-6 theme (Airship)
  2. Stadium 2 Prime Cup 4-6 theme (Desert)
  3. Neon Colosseum theme (Factory)
  4. Sunny Park Colosseum theme (Carnival)
  5. Petit Cup 4-6 theme (Swamp)
  6. Crystal Colosseum theme (Cave)
  7. Challenge Cup Semifinal theme (Clock Tower)
  8. Stadium 2 Rival theme (Final Destination)

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