Disney vs. Kids' WB! (Enhanced Music)/Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr. and Ludwig Von Koopa Walkthrough is Pikachufreak's idea.


  • This is the third Walkthrough to the Disney vs. Kids' WB! Arcade mode section for the Nintendo Switch. This walkthrough features Larry, Morton and Ludwig as the main 3 Koopalings.


  1. Carnival (vs. Misty, Ash and Sam)
  2. Clock Tower (vs. Lord Hater, Brock and Tom Cat)
  3. Factory (vs. Malinda Doe, Meilin Rae and Sylvia)
  4. Swamp (vs. Jessie, Rikochet and Brad Buttowski)
  5. River (vs. Mackenzie Lloyd, Penn Zero and Jerry Mouse)
  6. Desert (vs. Buena Girl, Chloe Morrow and Kimiko Tohomiko in her Sizing Up Omi outfit)
  7. Cave (vs. Cole Winston, Tracey Sketchit and Pacifica Northwest)
  8. Final Destination (vs. Master Hand)

List of Music

  1. SNES Bowser Castle (Carnival)
  2. N64 Bowser Castle (Clock Tower)
  3. GBA Bowser Castle (Factory)
  4. GC Bowser's Castle (Swamp)
  5. DS Bowser's Castle (River)
  6. Wii Bowser's Castle (Desert)
  7. 3DS Bowser's Castle (Cave)
  8. Wii U Bowser's Castle (Final Destination)

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