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TomArmstrong14 and Startanica's from Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby. Note: This will use a TomArmstrong14 Crossover, This is a PAL film.


  • Thomas the Tank Engine as Fred Flintstone
  • Gordon and Mavis from Thomas and Friends as Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone
  • Dale Brown as Barney Rubble
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brown as Mr. and Mrs. Rubble
  • Jordan Rooke from Thomas and Friends as Wilma Slaghoople
  • Sir Tophat and Lady Hatt as Mr. and. Mrs. Slaghoople
  • Emily Rooke from Thomas and Friends as Betty Jean
  • Xiro and Kairel as Mr. and Mrs. Jean
  • Bruma as Pebble Flintstone
  • Tigger as Bam Bam Rubble
  • Scuttlebutt as Rocky
  • Fievel as Slick
  • Mad Eye Moody as Mr. Big Rock
  • Tiana and Daniel as Chip and Roxy Rubble
  • Mr. Toad as the 2 Polices
  • Mickey Mouse (The Prince and the Pauper, The Three Musketeers, Disney Cartoons and Mickey's Christmas Carol) as Mr. Slate

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