Volume Two: Distractions is the second volume of Legacies.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Psychoanalytic Writer: Director: #1
A couple of weeks after the confrontation in Amaranthine, Eclipse General Hospital is opening up its new surgical wing, headed by Dr. Smithers. Rose, Peter, Zara and her new boyfriend Greg visit the hospital and pay a visit to Rose's new doctor, Dr. Hall. Meanwhile, Laura hides away from Scarlett, Aqeer and Merrick, while Elle hides from Liam. Dominik is still seething over Tom, while Melody wishes to join up with Violet, Britteny and Rhys.
[[Image:|150px]] Signature Writer: Director: #2
A man arrives at Dominik's doorstep claiming to have a contract cure for all his life's woes, and he isn't kidding! Dominik's dreams start to come true.. but when this contract makes its way to the infuriated Melody and the broken down Violet, its power may prove to have a devastating potential.
[[Image:|150px]] Fishwife Writer: Director: #3
An abusive and angry woman working for Terra-Divitis accidentally ends up infused with fish-like characteristics when she falls into a pool full of magical waste. But this mermaid is anything but majestic, as Scarlett and Elle find out the hard way.
[[Image:|150px]] Canine Writer: Director: #4
Zara is devastated when she accidentally hits a dog on the road, but the pup turns out to be uninjured. Peter becomes attached to it, but unwillingly finds himself having to protect it from a pack of mysteriously powerful canines and their deranged owner.
[[Image:|150px]] Breakdown Writer: Director: #5
Violet has reached a breaking point concerning her past, and begins acting irrationally. Britteny keeps a watchful eye on her, which proves useful when Violet begins to act violently in public.
[[Image:|150px]] Ring Writer: Director: #6
Rose's silver engagement ring is infused with the power of a dimentional traveler upon his death, and takes Rose to another plane of existence upon wearing it. But using this, she is able to uncover secrets that lead to the saving of one of her close friends.
[[Image:|150px]] Error Writer: Director: #7
A rogue computer virus mutates into a sentient, human-like creature and begins using profoundly magical and technological abilities to make a mess out of the city. Meanwhile, Scarlett is overwhelmed when her estranged mother, Diana, visits Eclipse seeking out Dr. Smithers.
[[Image:|150px]] Brainless Writer: Director: #8
A serial killer who seems to be extracting body parts- particularly the brains- of superpowered victims leads Zara and Melody on the hunt for their identity, which puts them at odds with an explosive copycat killer.
[[Image:|150px]] Ignition Writer: Director: #9
A rather hotheaded young teenager starts using a newfound ability to coerce the respect of his fellow high schoolers, which attracts the attention of Terra-Divitis. Meanwhile, Scarlett confronts her mother about her hurtful words.
[[Image:|150px]] Dagger Writer: Director: #10
Violet, Dominik and Tom are attracted to Amaranthine because of a mysterious artifact unearthed near the river, and this object starts making very magical things happen in the small town, which has unforeseen effects on the residents there.
[[Image:|150px]] Frontier Writer: Director: #11
Shannon O'Hara is somehow tracked down by a mysterious entity that puts her through life-risking challenges in an old abandoned town in the desert, and Liam needs the help of Rose, Zara, Peter and Greg to save her.
[[Image:|150px]] Jurassic Writer: Director: #12
Scarlett, Elle, Aqeer and Merrick find themselves running for their lives when a perfect clone of a prehistoric dinosaur starts to rampage- and eat- its way through Amaranthine, courtesy of Terra-Divitis.
[[Image:|150px]] Beacon Writer: Director: #13
Scarlett and Michael are not themselves after experiencing nightmares attracting them to the Balloon Festival in Keystone City. Meanwhile, Aqeer and Elle find themselves looking for some kind of beacon activated on the same day near Amaranthine.
[[Image:|150px]] Champion Writer: Director: #14
In order to figure out the plans of both Tom and Dominik, Zara enters a martial arts tournament to gain the respect of the Guru, but finds herself at mortal odds with the reigning champion; fortuntely, she gets some last-minute help from an old friend.
[[Image:|150px]] Power Writer: Director: #15
The power of the Silver Stone is activated and sends a beacon into the sky, but not before it somehow grants Violet, Scarlett and Lawrence random abilities. Dominik, seething with jealousy, works to grant himself powers and defeat the three, and figure out the purpose of the stone.
[[Image:|150px]] Lifeless Writer: Director: #16
Midnight, Aqeer and Scarlett's precious adopted dragon, has reached a mental and emotional strain so great that her heart is failing. Desperate, Aqeer forcibly gains the help of Tom and Laura to try and save her.
[[Image:|150px]] Fault Writer: Director: #17
Seething in rage over Midnight's death, Aqeer hunts down the men and women he deems personally responsible, including Dominik and Laura. Meanwhile, Dr. Smithers learns the identity of the serial killer.
[[Image:|150px]] Hypno Writer: Director: #18
Keltora is found unconscious in the middle of a field with a handfull of other dragons, who all seem to be the test subjects of a person with a rather hypnotic ability.
[[Image:|150px]] General Writer: Director: #19
On the day Brooke is promoted to Chief of general surgery, a scorned gunman enters Eclipse General Hospital and begins a shooting rampage, aiming specifically for a certain pair of doctors. Rhys, Zara, Peter and Brooke are all hurt, leaving their friends trying desperately to save them.
[[Image:|150px]] Tomorrow Writer: Director: #20
Rose wakes up one morning, only to find she is repeating yesterday's events! She continually finds herself trapped in the same day over and over, but realizes that she isn't the only one. Eventually she realizes that she should use the opportunity to scope out what some of her enemies are up to.
[[Image:|150px]] Shower Writer: Director: #21
Everyone finds themselves in a panic when it's revealed the beacons of the Silver and Gold Stones have brought upon a meteor shower to devastate Amaranthine. But before escape is possible, Lawrence must save his fiancée, Scarlett must confront Tom, Liam must silence an opposing force and Dominik must force the answers he needs out of Zara.
[[Image:|150px]] Wake Writer: Director: #22
In the wake of the meteor shower, Lawrence and Rose emerge from their crash reasonably alright, and Violet has managed to help Keltora. Peter saves civilians from the wreck, and Dominik can't figure out what happened to Zara. In the end, Scarlett has to compose herself for her mother's funeral in Eclipse.


Primary Characters

Violet Swann (16 chapters)
Scarlett Aerona (22 chapters)
Rhys Devine (16 chapters)
Britteny Ambra (14 chapters)
Tom Duncan (13 chapters)
Dominik Keaton (17 chapters)
Aqeer Ikram (15 chapters)
Merrick D'Amour (13 chapters)
Laura Zanderfield (12 chapters)
Elle Salopree (15 chapters)
Brooke Smithers (13 chapters)
Michael Hall (14 chapters)
Peter Williams (16 chapters)
Rose D'Amour (22 chapters)
Zara Lucine (16 chapters)
Melody Coco (14 chapters)
with Gregory Scout (12 chapters)
and Liam Salopree (17 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Lawrence Lucine (11 chapters)
Diana Aerona (6 chapters)
Samantha Rubitov (2 chapters)
with Keltora (3 chapters)
and Shannon O'Hara (2 chapters)


  • Rose and Scarlett appear in every chapter.
  • This volume of Legacies increases the number of primary characters from the twelve in Regenesis to eighteen. This will be the standard for the next eight volumes until Fulfillment.
  • Scarlett is promoted to deuteragonist in this volume and remains so until the fifth volume, Villains.

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