Divide the Ride provides parents with a free, secure and easy to use method of creating carpools with families they know and trust. Using web-based technology, Divide the Ride helps busy parents by creating on-line carpool calendars based on parents’ schedules and driving availability. What makes Divide the Ride unique is its ability to create a schedule of driving assignments based upon each parent’s individual needs. The carpool calendar is then emailed to everyone in the group along with text messages and email reminders. Divide the Ride is a free service and all information is safe and secure. Divide the Ride eliminates the time, effort and often confusion that can go along with traditional carpool scheduling.

For the millions of parents who transport their children to and from school, activities, and points in between, creating carpool schedules can be a daunting task. Trying to coordinate and keep track of everyone’s driving availability, pick-up times and last minute schedule changes can be a logistical nightmare. These real life issues are the motivation behind Divide the Ride the free carpooling website designed to help busy parents by creating carpool calendars based on their schedules and driving availability.

With gas prices soaring, families are all looking for ways to drive less. By enabling families to “Divide the Ride” with other families, the amount they spend on gas is automatically reduced since they are driving less. This helps the environment as well. Divide the Ride not only helps busy parents gain time for themselves, the free carpooling solution also helps keep more money in their pocket and reduce pollution, all at the same time. For more information, visit

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