Divine Coalition of Kingdoms

The nation is named the Divine Coalition of Kingdoms, often shortened to Divine Kingdoms, Divine Coalition, or the Aegyl word for it, Seance.


The Divine Kingdoms are located mainly in the Xia region. Its northern and most of its western border are made up by the Omar river.(The river right under the word Xia on the map)The Divine control of the river stops at the Thrashar mountains. There its southern border is made and continues across the plains to the coast.


Humans and Aegyl live and work together in the Divine Kingdoms


The head of state is elected by a senate of divinely chosen prophets. The elected head of state or High Prophet is then the executive head of the government. The senate remains in charge of legislative and judicial word. Current High Prophet is Paladin Aldrea


The Divine Kingdoms has a large fishing market. Due to there accessed to the coast and the experienced fishermen it is a major exporter of sea food in the eastern world. The Divine control of the Omar River gives the a way to trade with the mountain tribes and distant nations.


The High Prophet is the head of the Human Aegyl armies. The Paladin armies are under the control of the Sage Paladin, who is also chosen by the senate. For the fist time in history the Sage Paladin and the High Prophet are one in the same

  • High Prophet and Sage Paladin
  • Senate of Prophets
  • Council of Generals and Great Mage
  • Field Generals, Navel Generals, Divine Courts, and Order of Paladins
  • Mages
  • Varies lower ranks and Academy of Magic

Military Strength

The High Prophet commands a army of 45,000 men, divided into Calvary and infantry. Then there's the army of 3,000 magic users, the Paladin Army. The High Prophet also commands the four war ships of the Divine Navy.

Magic Strength

With its order of Paladins and Mages the Divine Kingdom is a strong magic power.


When the Syharhalna Empire invaded the land the human kingdom of Zeal was fighting a bloody war with there Aegyl neighbours. The evil empire claimed much of what is now Divine land, even while fighting the Syharhalna the two peoples fought each other. But when Hordak marched on the Zeal capital, the humans sent a call for help to there Aegyl enemys. Not much is know as to way but the Aegyl came to the humans side. For seven years the allied kingdoms fought Hordaks armies. Eventually the war with the four kingdoms had forced Hordak to end his assault on allied kingdoms.

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