Dizzy Devil Throws a Tantrum is a fake Tiny Toon Adventures episode that first aired in January 13, 2012.


  • Dizzy Devil
  • Dizzy Devil's parents
  • Babs and Buster Bunny
  • Frankie Foster (manager of the mall)
  • Plucky (cameo)
  • Hamton (cameo)


  • Narrator: Last time, Buster Bunny threw a tantrum like a 2 and a half year old. One fine day, Dizzy Devil and his parents went to Googleplex Mall. But this happened, Dizzy wanted to go on this elevator.
  • Dizzy: Can I go on it now?
  • Dizzy's dad: Sure, son.
  • Dizzy's mom: Really sure.
  • Dizzy: Oh, boy! (cackles)
  • Narrator: One hour later, Dizzy came to see Babs and Buster Bunny on the 14th floor.
  • Buster: Hiya, Dizzy!
  • Dizzy: Eh-oh!
  • Babs: Is that a teletubby, Buster?
  • Buster: I'm not a bit sure, Babs.
  • Dizzy: I'm not gonna say "Eh-oh", I'm gonna say "Hello!"
  • Babs and Buster: Hello, Dizzy!
  • Dizzy: Would you like to go to the pool with me?
  • Buster: We sure would.
  • Narrator: In the pool, Dizzy, Babs, and Buster swam and swam for 3 hours.
  • Dizzy: Look at my fur. It's all wet. Can you dry it off now?
  • Babs: Sure, Dizzy.
  • Buster: Look, Babs. I'm all wet, too. Can you dry me off now?
  • Babs: Sure, Buster.
  • Buster: Now, let's take our bathing suits off. Right, Dizzy?
  • Dizzy: Right.
  • Narrator: 6 hours later, Dizzy went to the next elevator.
  • Dizzy: I'll push up! Oh, no! Not the 16th floor! 2nd floor! Whoops! Push down! Down again! Down, down, down!
  • Frankie Foster: Hey, Dizzy! This elevator is NOT a toy!
  • Dizzy: It's not?
  • Frankie: It's a machine that goes up and down.
  • Dizzy: Oh. I'll go see Babs and Buster again.
  • Narrator: 11 minutes later, Babs and Buster were still waiting for Dizzy.
  • Buster: This is our final chance. Ready, Babs?
  • Babs: Ready, Buster.
  • Babs and Buster: GO!
  • Narrator: In the middle of the night, Babs and Buster were spending money.
  • Babs: I want this pink dress with fairy sparkles. Can I have it, Buster?
  • Buster: (yawns) Yes, Babs. It costs a million dollars.
  • Narrator: The next morning, Dizzy woke up. He wanted to go on the next elevator.
  • Dizzy: Elevator go down the hole. (cackles)
  • Narrator: When Dizzy arrived at the 1st floor, his parents were very, very cross!
  • Dizzy's mom: That's it, son! You're grounded for 3 months!
  • Dizzy's dad: And the police will catch you!
  • Dizzy: It's not fair! I wanna do it again! Waaah!


Dizzy Devil has a teletubby's voice when he says "Eh-oh!"

Babs and Buster Bunny are not Dizzy's friends, but they're enemies.

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