Bullwinkle: Oh boy not so fast ride I on?

Rocky: Bullwinkle were not on the ride yet.

Toodee: He right were on mission, you know Bullwinkle.

DJ Lance: Up next is Sleeping Beauty.

Muno: Oh boy are we going to wake her up.

Toodee: The Prince just woke her up, Muno.

Foofa: Guys look is Princess Auroara.

Auroara: Guys I going to need your help.

Plex: What's the matter, Auroara.

Auroara: My Fairies are gone.

Iago: What happin.

Auroara: Boris, Natasha and Maleficent kidnap them.

Rocky: Hokey Smoke!

Simba: First, Sacr had Nala and Kiara.

Genie: Then Jatar had Aladdin and Abu.

Pongo: Then Cruella had our Puppies,

Brobee: Now Maleficent had your Fairies.

Auroara: That's Right, Brobee would help me save them?

Rocky: Auroara you can count on, Pongo, Perdita, Genie, Iago, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, DJ Lance Rock, Gabbas, Bullwinkle and me.

DJ Lance: Rocky is right lets go.

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