DJ Lance Rock: Well! Here we are at Disneyland.

Bullwinkle: Are we going to see Mickey Mouse.

Plex: Of Course Bullwinkle! But he had a job for us.

Rocky: Plex is right were on a mission!

Toodee: Hey Look Guys, It's Mickey Mouse.

Mickey: Hi, Everyone!

Muno: Hi, Mickey Mouse.

Mickey: Guys I need you're Help, Boris and Natasha had take over the Magic Kingdom.

Rocky: Hokey Smoke! They can't do that.

Foofa: How are we going to stop them!

Mickey: You need the Disney Heros, they can help you to stop them.

DJ Lance: The Disney Heros is AWESOME!!!!!!

Rocky: Mickey Mouse You can count on, DJ lance, Plex, Toot, Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Bullwinkle and me. We won't let you down.

Bullwinkle: NO!

Mickey: So Good luck Everyone!

Brobee: We well!

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