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Django and Master Otenko

Django is the Emperor of Zylacia a unique planet home to immortals also known as vampires and humans. A civil war had raged on the planet for many years until the signing of the peace treaty by Django Sabata and the leaders of the immortals. The technology on the planet is solar based and also powered by magic. During the civil war Django was bitten by his father who was turned into a vampire. This in turn gave him the ability to turn into a vampire or black Django whenever he felt like it. After the peace treaty and being the chosen one of lore Django was elevated to Emperor. Django still carries the trusty Gun Del Sol and all its many frames and batteries. He also carries the Gun Del Hell a dark matter based gun. After being elected Django went on a military campaign of conquest conquering Tallon IV Bryyo Norion and Elysia.

Ghost Corp

Django then Initiated the ghost corp a secretive elite group that have cloaking power suits and carry many weapons. They are made up of psychic individuals and at the top of the Ghost corp is agent Agent Nova. The ghosts also employ non psychic Sam Fisher. The ghosts undertake such missions as infiltration assassination and anything discrete.

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