Match 1: Fatal Four Way

Stone Cold Steve Austin VS Snitsky VS Bret Hart VS Dusty Rhodes

Stone Cold won the match after pinning Bret after a Stunner at 3:53.

Match 2: Hardcore Triple Threat Tag Team

Mick Foley & Alex Shelley VS Crash Holly & Macho Man Randy Savage VS Boogeyman & Batista

Mick Foley & Alex Shelley won the match after Shelley pinned Crash after hitting him with a Sledge Hammer at 6:38.

Match 3: Money In The Bank

Randy Orton VS Goldberg VS John Cena VS Vince McMahon VS Ahmed Johnson VS Eddie Guerrero

Randy Orton won the match after grabbing the briefcase at 15:52.

Match 4: Tag Team

Shane McMahon & Abraham Lincoln VS Matt Hardy & Big Bossman

Shane & Abe won after Shane pinned Matt after a Swinging Neck Breaker at 12:29.

Match 5: Steel Cage Escape Only

Bobby Lashley VS Dude Love

Lashley won after escaping the cage at 2:49.

Match 6: 6 Man Elimination Tag

Chris Masters, Kurt Angle & Mike Awesome VS Rey Mysterio, Big Show & Rick Steiner

Order of Elimination

Rey Mysterio by Chris Masters after stealing his finisher the 619 at 6:09.

Big Show by Kurt Angle after an Angle Slam at 6:55.

Rick Steiner by Kurt Angle after tapping out to a Rear Naked Choke at 7:25.

Match 7: Ladder

Mr. Ken Kennedy VS The Rock

Mr. Kennedy won the match after grabbing the belt at 4:31

Match 8: Single

Rob Van Dam VS Elijah Burke

RVD won the match after a Rolling Thunder at 5:55.

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