Doc's Day Out is the first story of The Three Disney Dwarfs.


  • Doc as Edward
  • Happy as Henry (cameo)
  • Grumpy as Gordon (cameo)
  • James (from Thomas & Friends) as The Red Engine (cameo)
  • Arry and Bert (from Thomas & Friends) as 98462 and 87546 (cameo)
  • Forest Animals as The Coaches
  • The Driver, The Fireman, The Stationmaster, The Porter, the Boy, and the Guard as Themselves


  • Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a little dwarf called Doc. He lived in a cottage with five other characters. They were all bigger than Doc and boasted about it.
  • Others: The driver won't choose you again.
  • Narrator: They said.
  • Others: He wants strong characters like us.
  • Narrator: Doc had not been out for a long time; he began to feel sad. Just then the driver and fireman came along to start work. The driver looked at Doc.
  • Driver: Why are you sad?
  • Narrator: He asked.
  • Driver: Would you like to come out today?
  • Doc: Yes, please.
  • Narrator: Said Doc. So the fireman gave Doc breakfast and Doc gain stamina. Then the driver put Doc's glasses on Doc and Doc puffed away.
  • Doc: Peep, peep.
  • Narrator: He whistled.
  • Doc: Look at me now.
  • Narrator: The others were very cross at being left behind. Away went Doc to get some animals.
  • Forest Animals: Be careful, Doc.
  • Narrator: Said the animals.
  • Forest Animals: Don't bump us like the others do.
  • Narrator: So Doc came up to the animals, very, very gently, and the shunter fastended the coupling.
  • Forest Animals: Thank you, Doc.
  • Narrator: Said the animals.
  • Forest Animals: That was very kind, we are glad you are taking us today.
  • Narrator: Then they went to the station where the people were waiting.
  • Doc: Peep, peep.
  • Narrator: Whistled Doc.
  • Doc: Get in quickly please.
  • Narrator: So the people got in quickly and Edward waited happily for the Guard to blow his whistle and wave his green flag. He waited and waited. There was no whistle, no green flag.
  • Doc: Peep, peep, peep, peep. Where is that guard?
  • Narrator: Doc was getting anixous. The driver and fireman asked the stationmaster.
  • Driver & Fireman: Have you seen the guard?
  • Stationmaster: No.
  • Narrator: He said. They asked the porter.
  • Driver & Fireman: Have you seen the guard?
  • Porter: Yes, last night.
  • Narrator: Said the porter. Doc began to get cross.
  • Doc: Are we ever going to start?
  • Narrator: He said. Just then a little boy shouted.
  • Boy: Here he comes!
  • Narrator: And there the guard was, running down the hill with his flags in one hand and a sandwich in the other. He ran on to the platform, blew his whistle and jumped into his van. Doc puffed off. He did have a happy day. All the children ran to wave as he went past and he met old friends at all the stations. He worked so hard that the driver promised to take him out again next day.
  • Doc: I'm going out again tomorrow.
  • Narrator: He told the others that night in the shed.
  • Doc: What do you think of that?
  • Narrator: But he didn't hear what they thought, for he was so tired and happy that he fell asleep at once.

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