Doc and the Magic Railroad with The Little Engine That Could clips and Thomas and the Magic Railroad sounds

  • Doc as Thomas
  • Tower as Henry
  • Pete as Gordon
  • Fransworth as James
  • Tillie as Percy
  • Jebediah as Toby
  • Chip as Bertie
  • Georgia as Lady
  • Diesel[from TTTE] as Diesel 10
  • The Hooley Dooley as Splatter and Dodge
  • Rollo the Clown as Harold
  • Victoria[from The Railway Series] as Annie and Clarebelle
  • Fred[from Scooby Doo] as Mr Conductor
  • Milo[from Fish Hooks] as Mr.C Junior
  • Raj[from Camp Lazlo] as Patch
  • Bea[from Fish Hooks] as Lilly
  • Oscar[from Fish Hooks] as Burnitt Stone
  • Peter[from Family Guy] as Billy Twofellers
  • Louis[from Family Guy]as Stacy Jones
  • Spike[from Tom and Jerry] as Mutt
  • Big Mama[from The Fox and the Hound]as Lilly's Mom
  • Melman[from Madagascar] as The Train Announcer
  • Makunda[from Madagascar]as PT Boomer

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