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Doctor IRC Introduction

Doctor IRC is a channel called #doctor on the GameSurge IRC Network. The channel is for general discussion, and gets around 5 to 10 members at peak times, but the more the merrier!

How to Join Doctor IRC

To join Doctor IRC, click here if you want to use the Java Chat in your web browser, or connect to the GameSurge network if you have mIRC, then join #doctor.

Doctor IRC Rules

We are quite a lenient channel, but we do have some rules to keep the channel pleasnt for other users.

- We do allow you to advertise your channels and websites, as long as they are G-Rated, and you only advertise around once per hour, don't just use our channel to advertise, and that you don't spam with advertisements.

- No swearing, cursing, or being mean to other users. We do allow users to joke and mess around, but if it goes out of hand, and/or users start swearing and/or cursing, warnings, kicks, and maybe even bans will be given.

- No spamming the channel with clones (several users from the same person), bots, joins and quits, pings, etc. If you do this you will be warned then banned for a short amount of time until we are sure you have stopped.

- Formatting and colours, we have stopped colour being sent to our channel but bold and underline are not to be used, anyone using this will be given a warning.

- Spamming and flooding, we do not allow spamming and flooding, warnings, kicks, and bans will be given. Repetative nick changes and also count as spam.

Please remember to keep checking this page as it is updated regularly.

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