Any number may be chosen

  • Allow Conscripts
    • The army can now include Conscript platoons.
  • Allow Enginseers
    • The army can now include Techpriest Enginseers
  • Allow Heavy Weapons Platforms
    • The army can now include Heavy Weapon platoons.
  • Allow Ogryns
    • The army can now include Ogryns
  • Allow Priests
    • The army can now include Priests
  • Allow Ratlings
    • The army can now include Ratling Snipers
  • Allow Rough Riders
    • The army can now include Rough Riders
  • Allow Sanctioned Psykers
    • The army can now include Psykers
  • Allow Special Weapon Squads
    • The army can now include Special Weapon squads.
  • Allow Storm Troopers
    • The army can now include Storm Trooper squads

Regimental Organisation

Only one (1) may be chosen.

  • Regimental Organisation: Drop Troops
    • The army can deploy using Deep Strike rules, if the scenario allows them.
  • Regimental Organisation: Grenadiers
    • The army can now take 0-3 Storm Trooper squads as Troops Choices.
  • Regimental Organisation: Mechanised
    • Infantry must be entirely mounted in Chimeras. Cannot be taken with Light Infantry.

Skills and Drills

  • Skills and Drills: Close Order Drill
    • Infantrymen have been trained in close combat.
  • Skills and Drills: Die Hards
    • Being outnumbered doesn't affect the unit. Cannot be taken with Chem Inhalers.
  • Skills and Drills: Hardened Fighters
    • Infantrymen have a better WS value.
  • Skills and Drills: Independent Commissars
    • Independent Commissars are bought as Elite choices and may be assigned to any unit rather than going to officers and working their way down the ranks.
  • Skills and Drills: Iron Discipline
    • Infantrymen can survive longer in battle. Cannot be taken with Chem Inhalers.
  • Skills and Drills: Jungle Fighters
    • Trained in jungle warfare, but has a reduced armour save and cannot utilize lascannons. Cannot be taken with Cameleoline and Carapace Armour.
  • Skills and Drills: Light Infantry
    • Light Infantry get extra dice for moving through difficult terrain, may infiltrate and can replace their heavy weapon with a sniper rifle. Cannot be taken with Mechanised and Carapace Armour.
  • Skills and Drills: Sharp Shooters
    • Infantrymen have been enhanced with targeters.
  • Skills and Drills: Veterans
    • May include more than one Hardened Veteran unit.
  • Skills and Drills: Xeno-Fighters
    • Infantrymen are trained to tackle specific alien threats.

Special Equipment

  • Special Equipment: Cameleoline
    • Cameleoline is a material that blends with its surroundings. It adds one to your cover saves. Cannot be taken with Jungle Fighters.
  • Special Equipment: Carapace Armour
    • Infantrymen have carapace armour instead of flak armour. Cannot be taken with Jungle Fighters and Light Infantry.
  • Special Equipment: Chem Inhalers
    • Chem-inhalers drug your troops so they don't care about losses. They never take modifiers for Morale, Leadership, or Pinning tests. Additionally, if they fail a Morale check they are pinned rather than falling back. Cannot be taken with Die Hards and Iron Discipline.
  • Special Equipment: Cyber Enhancement
    • Infantrymen have a 6+ Invulnerable Save.
  • Special Equipment: Warrior Weapons
    • Finally, Warrior Weapons lets you represent the Feral World hordes by having each man WITHOUT access to the Armory replace their lasgun with a laspistol & CCW or 2 CCWs for a nominal charge. Cannot be taken with Regimental Organisations.

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