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Procedure - Backup Failure Configuration
Date: April 4, 2007
Author: Rajesh Jayaraman
Segment: MHC ALL
Procedure – Backup Failure Configuration
Description: This document describes the procedure to handle backup failure jobs.

Remote Server Administration (RSA) Team will identify the failed Backup Jobs.

If the issue is with the Software (For example: Backup services, System services, Data corruption, CRC Error), below mentioned steps are followed:

1. RSA Team open the log file and check the failure points
2. Create a temporary job from the original job
3. Check the directory tree where the failure happened
4. Start the copied job from Point of Failure
5. Once the backup job is completed, delete the temporary job entry
6. Update the backup report by marking as "Pass"

If the issue is with Hardware (For example, Tape Drive Problem, Tape Library Problem), below mentioned steps are followed:

1. RSA Team will raise a Remedy ticket and analyze the issue
2. The ticket is assigned to RSA Team to resolve
3. Once the issue is fixed, the Remedy ticket is resolved

If the issue is with Media (For example: Faulty Media / Additional Media), below mentioned steps are followed:

1. RSA Team will raise a Remedy Ticket to change the Media
2. Coordinate with Onsite Support Team
3. Once the media has changed, RSA Team will rerun the backup job to complete the backup
4. RSA team will the close the remedy ticket with updated information

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