Cast (Do Not Delete, But You Can Add)

Version 1

  • Doki Gonzales as Thomas
  • Storm Hunter Lou as Edward
  • Otto Hudson as Henry
  • King Lionel as Gordon
  • Rito Howards as James
  • Fico Contreras as Percy
  • Hippie Runt as Toby
  • Gwene Chinese as Duck
  • Rocket Brother as Donald
  • Pocket Brother as Douglas
  • Worker Henry as Oliver
  • Naiya Gomez as Mavis
  • Mundi Billington as Emily
  • Anabella Lattapiat as Rosie
  • The Big Boss as Diesel 10
  • Death Bro #1 as Splatter
  • Death Bro #2 as Dodge
  • Benny the Bat as Harvey
  • Robot Max as Bertie
  • Dragon Druggo as Diesel
  • Gabi Salinas as Molly
  • Devil Drake Boxes as Iron 'Arry
  • Devil Drake Gloves as Iron Bert
  • Magic Luzzie as Ashima

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