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:"Ladies and Gentlemen of Honourable discounting, I introduce myself as Minister of Magic for Britain."
: - Dolosus Decsessus Pierros to a courtroom.

Dolosus Decsessus Pierros is the Minister of Magic, Order of Merlin 3rd Class. His history is full of Dark Italian Secrets.


Full Name: Dolosus Decsessus Pierros
Age: 39
Born In: Bolzano, Italy
Dating Status: Not looking.

Mama Pierros Mother
Orlando Pierros Snr Father
Orlando Pierros Jnr Brother
Zalfura Jen Daughter
Leutta Jen-Crept Granddaugher
Santos Pierros Nephew
Dirsten Mercily-Pierros Nephew
Isabelle Lestrange Neice


Early Life

"Our father's a drunken wreck and our mother's a witch, what a nice family."
- Orlando Pierros to Dolosus Decsessus

Dolosus grew up in Bolzano, Italy. It was a quiet village, his father was a sucsessful retired buisnessman, so they were quite well off, living in a mansion. Him and their brother knew of their vast family, but hardly visited anybody outside their direct family.

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