The Dominion Soldiers are the backbone of the Dominion Armed Forces. They operate heavy weaponry, protect cities, construct garrisons and of course serve on the front lines. Their armor has gone through several smaller phases, but only one major one where it was changed into a much more Stormtrooper-style armor, yet keeping the soldiers' individuality by having a visor showing their faces to the public. So the Dominion made sure they were not just another faceless cannon fodder, such as the Stormtroopers were to the public eye. The soldiers were free to modify their armors as they pleased as long as they kept the rank insignia, which was either depicted by several colored dots, triangles or stripes on their chests, depending which army group they are serving in. It is not uncommon to find higher ranking field officers wearing shoulder pauldrons and kamas. The armor comes in unique styles for each race serving in the Armed Forces.



Mark I


Battle Armor Mark I

The Mark I Armor is a rather heavy plastoid-alloy armor sporting the Dominion emblem on the back as well as the rank on the left chest. It had the ability to be modified accordingly to the soldier's mission, so it had space to be modified with medpacks, heavy weaponry, tools, etc. It received much critique for being too heavy for proper use as well as the lack of proper shielding from concentrated fire. It's HUD was also poorly designed and the commlink was out on the open for a good marksman to blast, so disabling the main command chain, especially if the highest officer's commlink had been shot. It would later be equipped with a better helmet that had a rather good HUD and a covered up commlink. It was still rather unpopular within the Armed Forces and several battles were pinned on poor armor.

Mark II


Battle Armor Mark II

This design came into use a year and a half into the war, after the Dominion had gotten blueprints of Stormtrooper armor and redesigned it into a much more easily buildable version. This version was taken gladly in by the soldiers and proved itself to be much more effective than the Mark I. The armor was sealed, eliminating environmental threats and the helmet got a new visor as well as a HUD incorporated within it. Commlinks were now heavily shielded and the armor had been decreased down to 30% of it's former weight. The ability to modify it according to the mission as well as for personal pleasure has been increased. The Dominion emblem is still on the back while the rank insignia has been switched to the right chest

Pilot Armor


Dominion Pilot armor

A suit with a helmet that has built-in vision enhancements, short-range radar and a distance counter. For emergencies, the suit has oxygen and other supplies for two days and a strong beacon alarming any nearby ships of a pilot that has ejected. Otherwise the armor is pressurised and just as hard as the normal armors, capable of withstanding several direct blaster shots, which makes them capable for easy escort missions when large groups are difficult to transport.


Naval Officers


Naval Officer uniform

A uniform issued to all officers, including the junior officers of the Dominion Navy. While the engineers wear jumpsuits and the marines regular armor, the officers need to be distinguished from among the grunts and other officers. When in ceremonies and parades, they also wear a Garrison cap. The rank systems is similar to that on the regular soldiers with the paint changed for small pins. Admirals and Grand Admirals wear electrum decorations instead of silver ones as well as changing the garrison cap into a service cap. They have the DB-12 and a silver-colored lightfoil as their only armaments.

Army Officers


Army Officer uniform c. 23 ABY

Normal battlefield officers rarely wear uniforms, but ranks above Field Commander, which is the highest rank on the battlefield, usually wear these rusty red uniforms on a daily basis. Of course Field Commanders are also given one of these for representative meetings and even lower-ranking officers are issued such when an occasion dictates it, but otherwise it is rarely seen outside the High Command, forts and the military command section on flagships of each fleet. In parades an ceremonies, the uniform includes a beret. Generals and the High General wear electrum decorations instead of silver ones. The ranks and divisions are still taken care of with the same style as in the armors but this time the shapes are pins instead of painted. The uniform comes with the standard DB-12 sidearm as well as a silver-bladed lightfoil.




DB-13 Blaster Rifle

The DB-13 is the main blaster used by the Dominion Armed Forces. They are essentially carbine weapons that have taken the power of the A280, the reliability of the DH-17 and the accuracy of the DLT-20A. It is simple to use, has several settings of fire and a 2x scope on it. It can fire 600 charged plasma bolts times per cartridge.



DB-13 Sniper Rifle

A simple sniper edition of the DB-13. It has a longer barrel, an 8x scope and can only fire a 100 times per cartridge. It is mainly used by the Snipers and has a much higher accuracy in long ranges than the standard blaster.



DB-12 Blaster Pistol

The standard sidearm for all soldiers. It is a small-profile weapon with a high power and accuracy on short ranges while in longer ranges it's a worthless hunk of metal that would do more damage by throwing it at the enemy. It is the last resort, capable of shooting 50 rounds per cartridge. It is easily modifiable into a more accurate weapon for long distances, but usually the soldiers are trained never to throw away their main weapon on a battlefield.





A heavy Anti-Vehicle cannon capable of taking out a lightly armored vehicle with three rounds. The weapon is used only by heavy weapons specialists, as it s complicated and too heavy to use by the normal trooper. It has a fold-able tripod under it for support, as every round causes quite a recoil. It has a high accuracy and very high power, but this is countered by the immobility, recoil and the weight. It is currently in limited production and testing on several battlefronts.


The Anti-Air modification of the DB-14. It's still a heavy weapon, but has been remade into a rapidly shooting and accurate AA-weapon. The tripod has been replaced with a meter high single foot with a rotary joint on the top, connecting to the weapon's base so it can be easily moved around when crouched.


An Anti-Personnel repeating blaster cannon again sporting the folding tripod below itself. It is used to mow down heavy concentrations of enemy soldiers and has been known to be a very able weapon to be used to fire covering fire with. It is the main support weapon found in the LAAT gunships instead of the lasers on the ball-shaped turrets. It has only average accuracy and medium power, but that is enough taking what it's made for

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