Big Bird - Tortoises (Teletubbies)

Elmo - Frogs (Teletubbies)

Papa Bear - Penguins (Teletubbies)

Mama Bear - Duck (Teletubbies)

Little Bird - Giraffes (Teletubbies)

Countess Von Backwards - Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair (Teletubbies)

Count Von Count - Snakes (Teletubbies)

Bert and Ernie - Jake (Tweenies) and Zumbah (Boohbah)

Frazzle - Scary Lion (Teletubbies)

Telly - Iguana (Teletubbies)

Rosita - Butterflies (Teletubbies)

Cookie Monster - Hyena (Teletubbies)

Shrimp - Voice Trumpet (Teletubbies)

Grover - Dipsy (Teletubbies)

Singing Popcorn as Themselves

Oinker Sisters - Flowers (Teletubbies)

Baby Bear - Tigers (Teletubbies)

Humphrey and Ingrid - Blu and Jewel (Rio)

Honker - Tap Dancing Bear (Teletubbies)

Zoe - Flamingos (Teletubbies)

Earl The Dragon - Tubby Toast Machine (Teletubbies)

Mr. Johnson - Magic Clouds (Teletubbies)

Benny Rabbit - Bag (Teletubbies)

Oscar The Grouch - Spud (Bob The Builder)

Herry Monster - Magic Train (Teletubbies)

Gladys The Cow - Cow (Teletubbies)

Wolfgang The Seal - Dog (Teletubbies)

Noseless Muppet - Singing Puppet (Teletubbies)

Biff and Sully - Leo and Cookie Monster (Little Einsteins and Sesame Street)

Baby Natasha - Baby Booby Bird (Little Einsteins)

Mumford - Pink House (Teletubbies)

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