This is my violent version..


  • Bugs Bunny as Big Bird

  • Patrick Star as Cookie Monster

  • Tom as Grover

  • AJ as Elmo

  • Spongebob's Grampa as The Count

  • Sally Acorn as The Countess

  • Big Gruesome as Frazzle

  • Sunshine as Shrimp

  • Cartman as Herry Monster

  • Stan Marsh and Wendy Testaburger as Popcorn

  • Candace, Stacy and Jenny as Oinker Sisters

  • Mr. Mean as Bert

  • Mr. Topsy-Turvy as Ernie

  • Isabella as Red Riding Hood

  • Fozzie Bear as Dada Bear

  • Slinkman as Baby Bear

  • Squishy Stinky Diaper Baby as Mommy Bear

  • Ferb as Humphrey

  • Vanessa as Ingrid

  • Baby Pom Pom as Natasha

  • Dora the Explorer as Rosita

  • Lisa Simpson as The Honker

  • Dusty the Saw as Zoe
  • Trogdor as Earl

  • Mr. Stubborn as Mr. Johnson

  • Rabbit as Benny Bunny

  • Mr. Jelly as Telly Monster

  • Mr. Uppity as Oscar

  • Sarah-Hall Small as Prairie Dawn

  • Laughing Cow as Gladys

  • Wario as Noseless Dude

  • Grandpa Lemon as Biff

  • Wally Llama as Sully

  • Gunhaver as Wolfgang Seal

  • RC the Bass as Mumford

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