Dedicated to: gryffonmanic, TheCityMaker, MichaelSar12IsBack, and CoolZDane


Thumper (From Bambi) as Elmo

Robin Hood (from Robin Hood 1973) as Big Bird

Pumbaa as Ernie

Timon as Bert

Squidward as The Count

Rhino as The Cookie Monster

Jake the Dog as Telly

Heloise as Rosita

Wonder Red as Prairie Dawn

Sis (from Robin Hood) as Zoe

Muscular Rat as Oscar the Grouch

Ray as Baby Bear

Sultan as Mumford

Isabella and the Fireside Girls as The Oinker Sisters

Quick Draw McGraw as Grover

Aunt Figg as The Countess

Crazy Joe as The Shrimp

Stitch as Frazzle

Walden and Widget (from Wow Wow Wubbzy) as Humphery and Ingrid

Boingo as Benny Rabbit

Fish Out of Water as Natasha

Aardvark as Honker

Yogi Bear as Papa Bear

A Capulet as Wolfgang the Seal

Everyone else as Chorus

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