This is my way of a Sesame Street trailer.


Lazlo as Big Bird

Mac as Elmo

Bob The Tomato as Bert

Larry as Ernie

Frankie as Zoe

Bloo as Grover

Junior Asparagus as Herry

Mr. Lunt as The Cookie Monster

Eduardo as Frazzle

Edward as Oscar the Grouch

Lumpus as Baby Bear

Raj as Papa Bear

Laura Carrot as Mama Bear

Mr. Rude as Humphrey

Little Miss Naughty as Ingrid

Marina as Natasha

Slinkman as The Count

Candace as Countess

Clam as Letter B

Samson as The Elephant

Flicker as Wolfgang Seal

Pat as Mr. Between

Dusty, Kiki and Squeeze as Oinker Sisters

Oliver Oken as Biff

Turner as Noseless Muppet

Felipe as Sully

Mr. Grumpy as Mumford

Little Miss Calamity as Gladys Cow

Twist as Benny Rabbit

Shout as Fred Dragon

Mr. Bump as The Shrimp

Mr. Stubborn as Penguin

Mr. Strong as Kermit the Forg

Other guys from Camp Lazlo, SpongeBob and more includnig WordWorld, The Muppets and Mario Brothers as Choir

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