Don't Go Back Transcript is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.


  • Here's the full transcript to Don't Go Back.


  • Michael Brandon: Don't Go Back. Thomas is a busy engine. He is very good at shunting. Thomas thinks he can shunt backwards and forwards faster than any other engine. One day, Thomas and Diesel were waiting at the quarry. The quarry manager arrived.
  • Quarry Manager: Thomas, I have a very important job for you. You must fill lots of freight cars with stone. Henry will arrive soon to collect them.
  • Thomas: Yes, sir.
  • Diesel: I have an important job too. I'm sure I'll fill my freight cars first.
  • Thomas: No, you won't.
  • Diesel: I can beat a steamie any day. I'll race you to the hopper.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas was sure he could win the race and do his job. But Diesel wanted the race to be tricky. He had a devious idea.
  • Diesel: We have to go backwards.
  • Thomas: All right, I'll win.
  • Michael Brandon: So the two engines raced away backwards.
  • Thomas: Steamies are fast and steamies are first.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas huffed to himself. Thomas was determined to win. Thomas and Diesel took separate tracks to the hopper.
  • Thomas: I'm sure to win now.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas thought to himself. Thomas steamed towards the hopper.
  • Thomas: I'm first.
  • Michael Brandon: But Thomas couldn't see that Diesel had arrived first behind him. Thomas bashed straight into Diesel. Stone poured down from the hopper. Thomas was covered from funnel to footplate in dust.
  • Diesel: Heh heh, silly slow steamie, I won the race.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas wanted to beat Diesel.
  • Thomas: We'll have another race to the washdown, and this time, I'll win.
  • Diesel: We still have to race backwards.
  • Michael Brandon: So together the two engines whooshed away. Thomas and Diesel raced buffer to buffer.
  • Thomas: Steamies are fast, steamies are first.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas huffed to himself. Mavis was at the washdown. She was enjoying a soapy soak. But Thomas couldn't see Mavis. He raced backwards into the washdown and biffed into Mavis, who came off the rails.
  • Mavis: Oh, rattling rods. Whew!
  • Michael Brandon: Then Diesel rolled in.
  • Thomas: I won!
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas forgot about Mavis. Thomas was enjoying being the winner.
  • Diesel: Now we both won a race; we must have one more.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas was no longer thinking about his job.
  • Thomas: All right, let's race to the engine sheds. Whoever wins this race is the fastest.
  • Michael Brandon: Diesel revved his engine. Thomas pumped his pistons. And the two engines raced quickly away backwards. Thomas steamed into the lead.
  • Thomas: Steamies are fast, steamies are first.
  • Michael Brandon: He huffed to himself. Thomas had to win this race, but Diesel rattled alongside him. Then there was trouble. 'Arry and Bert were enjoying a rest at the engine sheds, but Thomas and Diesel couldn't see them. They raced backwards towards 'Arry and Bert. With a crash and a bash, Thomas and Diesel smashed 'Arry and Bert right through the back of the engine sheds. Stones and timber flew everywhere.
  • Thomas: Bust my buffers!
  • Diesel: Uh-oh.
  • Michael Brandon: Then Henry arrived.
  • Henry: I've come to collect my train.
  • Thomas: Your train isn't ready.
  • Michael Brandon: Then the yard manager arrived.
  • Yard Manager: Thomas, you have pushed Mavis off the rails and 'Arry and Bert through the back of the engine shed.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas felt worse than ever.
  • Thomas: Oh, no. It's all my fault. I should have done my job and not raced against Diesel.
  • Diesel: Come on, let's have one more race.
  • Thomas: No, Diesel, I have an important job to do.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas puffed over to Henry.
  • Thomas: I'll fill your cars as fast as I can. Your train will soon be ready.
  • Michael Brandon: And Thomas chuffed quickly away. Thomas felt terrible.
  • Thomas: I must work very hard to put everything right.
  • Michael Brandon: He thought to himself. Thomas shunted the cars under the hopper. Soon they were all filled, and Henry huffed happily away with his train. Then Thomas collected Rocky. Rocky lowered mavis back onto the tracks.
  • Thomas: I'm sorry I bashed you; I was trying to win a race.
  • Michael Brandon: Mavis was relieved to be back on the track. Next, Thomas shunted Rocky over to the sheds. 'Arry and bert were soon back on the rails.
  • Thomas: I'm sorry I biffed you. I should have done my job instead of trying to be the fastest.
  • Michael Brandon: Then Diesel rolled in.
  • Thomas: We must clear all the cars of broken stones.
  • Diesel: Yeah, sure, Thomas.
  • Michael Brandon: At last, the freight cars were loaded with broken rubble from the sheds, so together Thomas and Diesel shunted the freight cars as quickly as they could. Finally, all the jobs were done.
  • Diesel: We still don't know who's the fastest. Let's have another race.
  • Thomas: All right, but this time, we must go forwards.
  • Michael Brandon: So the two engines raced away to the quarry gates. And they both arrived together.

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