He is a character from the videogame Taiko no Tatsujin.

His nickname is Don-Chan.

As Elephant Abu in O'Malleyladdin

He gets turned into elephant and goes with Thomas O'Malley in the movie.

As Tantor in Berliozan

He is an elephant in the movie and those sequels.

As Colonel Hathi in The Jeremy-Jungle Book

He directs the march of elephants in the movie.

As Kay's Horse in The Sword in the Rock

He is a Horse who rides Tiger in a scene in the movie.

[[ As Thomas O'Malley in The Aristo-Orphan Pets

[[ As Ben in Mariehontas

[[ As Aladdin in Donladdin

[[ As Pegasus in Berliozcules

[[ As Po in Kung Fu Taiko

[[ As Tweedle Dee in Bertha in Wonderland

[[ As Quasimodo in The Taiko of Notre Dame and The Taiko of Notre Dame II

[[ As Robby in Berliozingu

[[ As Pumbaa in The Kitten King (Math98 Style Version)

[[ As Peter Pan in Don Pan

[[ As Nana in Nobita Pan

[[ As Spike in The Land Before Time (Ver.115)

[[ As Bambi and Young Bambi in Donambi

[[ As Hen-Wen in The Great Cauldron

[[ As Benny the Cab in Who Framed Nobita Nobi? and Who Framed Berlioz?

[[ As Yoshi in the videogame Super OliverSuper Oliver BrosOliver BrosOliver Cart and more Oliver games

[[ As Dumbo in Don (aka Dumbo)

More on Don

His relative is:

  • Katsu (Taiko no Tatsujin)

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