Jinjyaa's Shin Makoku

Spoiler: introduced in Yuuri's Hot Date (YHD).

Donaghie is one of the ten domains on the outskirts of the Shin Makoku federation. (The central part of Shin Makoku is ruled directly by the Maou, the outer domains by the Aristocrats.) Donaghie's colors are pink and grey - flesh and steel. This is a mining and industrial domain, dry and poor and hardscrabble.

The Lord's castle is at Donagal. Not on this map, Donaghie does have a coastline, and significant dealings with its (unnamed) human neighbors to the west.

Even by Shin Makoku standards, Donaghie is sexist. They don't educate girls, or even speak to them about money. Though Kieran von Donaghie is the heir, it's only in the sense that her husband will rule - she only transfers power to him.

At the time of YHD, Donaghie is bankrupt, its people impoverished, many quite ill, and others flooding across the borders of neighboring Spitzweg and Bielenfeld as economic refugees. Except for the ruling but very ill Dougal Lord Donaghie (Kieran's father), Donaghie lost its entire aristocracy in the Great Troll and Goblin War, ~240 years ago. About the time Kieran was born, Aldrich von Bielenfeld and Franklin von Trondheim sealed the mines at Pitchblende as a public health measure, as Dougal and many other Donaghie citizens were suffering radiation-related illnesses, unaware that pitchblende (uranium ore) was poisonous.

Dougal preferred to empty his treasury rather than meet with Franklin to arrange terms, because he still hates Trondheim so much. But Pitchblende's mines were the heart of the domain's wealth. And Dougal is far too ill to build his domain back up from this economic debacle. By this point, the domain owes money everywhere, and has no means to repay it.

Sylvain von Tarkenburg becomes betrothed to Kieran, and the new ruler of Donaghie - effective immediately, because the Aristocrats have declared Donaghie out of time. The wealthy Tark bankrolls Sylvain's plan to turn this domain around. Sylvain and Erick von Trondheim put their joint reopening of the mines at Pitchblende - safely this time - at the top of his agenda. He also plans to rebuild the 2nd level nobility of Donaghie by settling assorted von Tarkenburg relatives, Bielenfeld squires, and other wealthy investors. He'll grant nobility and dominion on the ones who are most successful in rebuilding their areas of Donaghie.

So at this point, Donaghie has many 'opportunities to excel'.

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