Donald's Better Sound Effect commentary with Director John Lasseter, Writer Eben Ostby and Producer Bill Reeves.


  • (music playing)
  • LASSETER: Donald's Better Sound Effect classic, October 1985.
  • OSTBY: Sure?
  • LASSETER: Eben, what are you.
  • REEVES: I say, "Human, you classical."
  • LASSETER: Comedy music.
  • REEVES: Yeah, comedy music.
  • LASSETER: Moments later.
  • (Donald's classical music box)
  • LASSETER: The creepy, Monsters, Incorporated characters to seeing, year Disney and Pixar's 1995 film Toy Story. (LAUGHS) Nicktoon's Rocko's Modern Life. A New Hope film, "There her it, Donald's Better Sound Effect."
  • Benny: Bibbidi, biddibi for bobbidi.

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