Donald's Duck is a song from the fifth season dedicated to Donald and Dilly.


I found a quacker in my tender.
She was very, very tame,
But she quacked all night and through the day.
She was driving me insane.
My driver and my fireman
tried everything they know
To shoo the quacker away from me,
But she did not want to go.

The quacker clearly loves me
Was impossible to nab.
So now we have befriended her.
She rides inside my cab.
She quacks in stations big and small.
She quacks at people too.
Now, everyone calls her "Donald's duck",
But I call her my quakeroo!


She makes me so happy
With her little ways.
So happy, it's true.
Now, everyone calls her "Donald's duck",
But I call her my quackeroo!

Quacking here, quacking there
she is quacking everywhere
Quack, quack, choo, choo, choo,
she's my little quackeroo.
She's quacking here and there
She's quacking everywhere
Quack, quack, shoo, shoo, shoo.
She's my quackeroo!

Now everybody love's her
They love to here her quack
But when we have to say goodbye
they ask when she'll be back
She's captured everybody's heart
She knows just what to do.
Now everyone calls her Donald's Duck
But she's my quackeroo!

(Repeat chorus, but 3x on "She's my quackeroo!")




  • The song was based on an original lyric idea by David Mitton.
  • Dilly's quacking sound is different in the Japanese version.
  • Specially shot footage was filmed for this song.
  • In Japan, this song is called, "Donald's Quack Duck".

Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Donald's Duck
  1. A deleted scene of Donald passing Edward at the beach.
  2. A deleted scene of Donald on the bridge to Anopha Quarry.
  3. A deleted scene of Dilly in Donald's tender at night.
  4. A deleted scene of Donald's driver and fireman looking in Donald's tender at Anopha Quarry.