Donkey Kongs Bad Fur Day

Character Cast

  • Donkey Kong as Conker the Squirrel
  • Candy Kong as Berri
  • King K. Rool as Panther King
  • Klump and Krusha as Weasel Guards
  • Kritters as Clang Goblings
  • Zingers as Wasps
  • Wizpig as Bugger Lugs
  • Troff as Marta
  • KAOS as Haybot
  • The Tiki Tribe as Dung Beetles
  • Tiki Tong as The Great Mighty Poo
  • Toads as Uga-Bugas
  • Mario as Buga the Knut
  • Pauline as Jugga
  • Eddie the Mean Old Yeti as Count Batula
  • Mega Squeekly as Count Batula's Bat Form
  • Cranky Kong as S.H.C. Sergeant
  • Diddy Kong as Rodent
  • Klobbers as TNT Imps
  • Tiny Kong as The Little Girl
  • Mad Jack as The Experiment
  • Ice Dragon as Heinrich

Place Cast

  • Kongo Jungle as Windy
  • K. Rool's Keep as Panther King's Castle
  • Volcano as Sloprano
  • Mushroom Kingdom as Uga Buga

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