Doom is an old FPS Game creadted by ID Software. The Guild played this game over the LAN in Mr. Jackson's room before we began using emulatiors. This game could be modifies, and one of the members did so with fun results. The current version of the file can be found here:

Doom Scource Ports

Doom has been edited by many diffrent development teams outside of ID Software. The results are the Doom scource ports,which are at least as much enjoyable as the original Doom exeutable. Note: play doom, you need a copy of a Doom Iwad (doom.wad, or doom2.wad).


One of the best ofline ports, Zdoom introduces many features into Doom. It is the most powerfull scource port, and will run all of the modifacations for Doom. However, it is not online (not even LAN) and can be annoying to to autoload wads into Zooom


Zdaemon is a great online port of Doom. It allows users to conect to others across the world without the use of an ip address. ZDaemon sets up servers that anyone an join (if you have the Doom iwad). However, ZDaemon, is not as up-to-date as Zdoom, and thus cannot run all Doom mods.\


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